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Transitional design style living room and kitchen

Transitional design style living room and kitchen by Decorilla

How do you create an open-plan interior that feels inviting and harmonious? New homeowners were grappling to find the solution so they turned to Decorilla. Now their space has been masterfully reimagined with the sleek and cozy elements of transitional design style. Dive into the stunning before and after showcase of an open-space living room and kitchen below. With expert design guidance, this essential space transitioned from a bland, empty area to a sophisticated, multi-functional home hub.

The Challenge: Transitional Interior Design Style for an Open-Plan

The client approached Decorilla seeking professional interior design assistance for their newly constructed residence. Their vision for the living room and kitchen—both integral parts of an open-concept floor plan—was clear. It involved transitional decor style, blending the coziness of traditional aesthetics with the simplicity of modern design. They aimed for an ambiance that felt current yet timeless, with an underpinning of effortless sophistication. To achieve this, the designer had to:

  • Incorporate a transitional furniture style that synergizes classic and contemporary elements
  • Use a neutral backdrop palette featuring shades of light gray, natural wood, and ghost white
  • Consider accents in black, caramel, gray, and gold to create a cohesive and elegant aesthetic
  • Integrate the appliances and fixtures into the transitional-style kitchen 
  • Design built-ins and a fireplace on the family room’s north wall

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Inspiration: Transitional Decor Style

Transitional design style inspiration board

The client’s inspirational image gallery presented a collection of transitional design style examples. The curated interior concepts and ideas exuded a welcoming vibe, blending classic comfort with modern sleekness. Each image showcased its own version of a neutral layout dominated by whites, beiges, and grays. There were not many pops of color; however, the designs were punctuated with darker accents conveying a layered, dynamic flair. Common features also included clean-lined furniture, plush seating arrangements, and a mix of textures from smooth marble to soft fabrics. 

Moodboard & Transitional Interior Design Style Ideas

Transitional style kitchen and living room, interior design by Decorilla

Transitional style kitchen and living room design by Decorilla

The gallery was a valuable visual tool, enabling the Decorilla team to fully understand the client’s ideas for a stylish kitchen and living area. Paired with insights gathered from Decorilla’s design questionnaire, it rounded a complete picture of the client’s needs and preferences. Armed with this knowledge, the team could identify the most skilled interior designers for the task.

After carefully considering all the submitted details, two designers presented their unique concepts. Both proposals offered a seamless kitchen and lounge integration, with a slight difference in layouts and details. Consequently, the client met with a tough choice. Although both options were appealing, Maya’s moodboard finally ticked all the necessary criteria for assembling their ideal space.

Elegant transitional design style moodboard by Decorilla

Elegant transitional design style moodboard by Decorilla

Maya’s moodboard shows a contemporary transitional design and decor style that balances comfort, functionality, and appeal. She wanted to make the most out of the natural light from the windows, highlighting the layout’s clean aesthetic at the same time. Hence the color palette involved a mix of neutral tones, featuring crisp white walls that complement the light wooden flooring. Simultaneously, darker elements like the sleek fixtures and black console table provided contrast and grounded the design, preventing the space from feeling too airy or dull. 

Designer Results: Transitional Style Living Room & Kitchen 

Transitional style living room by Decorilla

Blue and white living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

The final integrated kitchen-meets-living area forms a unified and harmonious expanse that radiates family-friendly, sophisticated practicality. Central to this open space is the transitional-style living room’s generously sized conversation area designed to promote relaxation and interaction. Each element has its natural place in the layout, arranged with precise balance. The sense of organization is further accentuated by the presence of tall, built-in shelving units that symmetrically bookend a sleek fireplace wall. 

The design interplays the stark elegance of matte white cabinetry with the warm tones of wood. Floating shelves, each topped with transitional decor style elements, draw the eye upward and solidify the room’s presence. A contemporary fireplace commands attention with its geometric composition, seamlessly integrating a TV while underlining the space’s modern atmosphere.

Cohesive Lounge Design & Timeless Details

Interior design of a transitional style living room by Decorilla

Transitional-style living room – Decorilla 3D rendering

The transitional furniture style selection is stylish and functional, with an ample sectional that invites relaxation without overpowering the room. The armchair in the corner provides additional seating, its wooden legs echoing the room’s natural, understated theme. Meanwhile, the black console table serves as both a visual anchor and a practical element, displaying a selection of personalized decorative items.

Attention to detail is evident throughout the space, from the soft throw pillows to the discretely patterned rug that defines the seating area. The presence of tactile elements introduces comfort and a homely feel, ensuring the space feels cozy and welcoming. The matte black fireplace and the metallic accents of the staircase railing convey a dynamic juxtaposition that adds depth and interest to the interior.

Sleek & Practical Transitional Style Kitchen

Ideas for transitional style kitchen interior design by Decorilla

Transitional style kitchen interior design – Decorilla 3D rendering

Weaving a coherent design story, the transitional style kitchen marries the warmth of traditional comfort with a contemporary clean appeal. The cabinetry, painted in a soft matte white, features classic shaker-style doors with modern brass hardware providing a subtle contrast. The stainless steel appliances, including a double oven, seamlessly integrate into the overall design, making it feel timeless and current at the same time. 

The kitchen backsplash is composed of gray subway tiles that tie in with the color of the countertops. A large central island, topped with white, serves as both a prep area and a casual dining spot. Its comfortable blue upholstered stools invite one to sit and stay. Above the island, pendant lights with a black and gold finish add a touch of elegance, making a striking focal point in the room.

Shopping List: Style in a Click 

Shopping list for a transitional furniture and decor style

Transitional furniture and decor shopping list by Decorilla

The experience with Decorilla’s online interior design was a turning point for the client. It sparked and maintained enthusiasm about realizing their vision for a sleek transitional-style living room and kitchen. The clarity of the detailed plans and the practical advice from Decorilla’s professionals allowed the client to vividly picture each step in the space transformation—even before it happened. The crisp 3D imagery only added to the anticipation. But the highlight of Decorilla’s service was the tailored shopping list, complete with attractive discounts and the support of a concierge, ensuring a hassle-free purchasing experience from start to finish.

Top Picks for Transitional Decor Style 

Embrace the harmonious blend of traditional charm and contemporary chic with our top picks for transitional decor style. These elements promise to bring a balanced, sophisticated touch to your interiors, creating spaces that are as inviting as elegantly modern.

Transitional furniture and decor style top picks by Decorilla

  1. Area Rug
  2. Recliner Armchair
  3. Modular Cabinets
  4. Wall Art
  5. Faux Plant
  6. Sectional Sofa
  7. Coffee Table

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