Unique and Decorative Curtain Rods Preferred by Most Home Designing Experts

Unique and Decorative Curtain Rods Preferred by Most Home Designing Experts

Curtain rods, well they’re all the same, right? Wrong! Curtain rods come in a variety of shapes, sizes and convenience – Decorative drapery rods, tension curtain rods, adjustable curtain rods, invisible drapery rods and many more.

What makes your curtains or draperies functional as well as classy? Curtain rods and tubings make your window treatments more appealing and purposeful. Depending upon which style you choose, curtains can typically be hanged using rings, carriers, loops or pockets. So, when you are thinking to update your home’s decor, it is important to selecting the right curtain rod to make an impact to set your room apart.

Top Curtain Rods Preferred by Most Experts

We have listed two unique curtain rods that’ll fit a variety of needs

  1. Decorative Single Curtain Rod

    Decorative Single Curtain Rod

    One of the most common types of curtain rods is a single curtain rod or single tubing which is alone bar mounted at the top of a window. Draperies are hung to it using a set of curtain rings, grommets, or curtain clips to hold the fabric in place. These rods are available in a range of materials – plastic wood, or other metal finishes including bronze, brass, silver, stainless steel, and more.

    Experts say that you shouldn’t be too quick to purchase and settle down on any curtain rod. Think about its utilitarian purposes, finials, finishes, decor and more.

    As shown in the picture, S hooks are used with the rod to organize individual items.

  2. Decorative Acrylic Curtain Rods / Lucite Curtain Rods

    Decorative Acrylic Curtain Rods / Lucite Curtain Rods

    Well, Lucite curtain rods that are something which is selling like hotcakes. These have been floating around on design blogs and are perfect for resolving the boring curtain rod problem.

    A Lucite rod is a proprietary name for high-grade acrylic curtain rods. Brass is the best metal that adds a little gleaming touch when it comes to adorning the Lucite curtain rods like – brass rings, brass end caps or brass finials.

    While you can order Lucite curtain rods online, SignatureThings is one of the most reliable sources to purchase one. Measure the window properly and order 1-inch length Lucite rods to 8 feet length rods. Their diameter varies from 1″ Diameter X 6′ L to 2″ Diameter X 6′ L. Custom rods for curtains are also readily available. Pair it with brass drapery mounting hardware. No matter the size of the space, this clear material can still make a grand impression.

Before you Choose Curtain Rods

Before you Choose Curtain Rods

  1. Your Place of Drapery

    Determine the place where the draperies are to be mounted. Few curtain types look good if hung above the window frame, whereas many are hung within the window frame. It is always recommended that you choose your curtains before you purchase curtain rods.

  2. Design & Style of the Curtain Rod

    Decide upon the design and style of the curtain rod. Choose a decorative right curtain rod if the rods are to be mounted above the window frame.

    A traverse rod if good you are hanging curtains closed with a chord. Ensure that the rod is made of good quality material as cold, heat, dust, and humidity are all known to affect curtain rods. Depending on the length, color, and weight of the curtains you can select a thick rod, a thin rod or one with a particular color or finish.

    Tension rods or standard curtain rods are always the best for stationary curtain panels, sheers, or valances.

    Traverse rods are very functional for curtains that require drawing back and forth across a wide expanse of windows.

  3. Size Spacers & Finials

    Thirdly, you need to decide upon the size spacer you wish to employ. Rings and hooks are the two common types of spaces.

    Lastly, you need to select the finials for the curtain rods. Finials are nothing but decorative pieces, which are attached to both the ends of the rod.

Do’s & Don’t of Hanging Curtain Rods

The right length of the curtain rod is important. The video shows how you should install a curtain rod.

Choose the Curtain Rod According To –

  1. Window size and window styling

    It may seem simple to hang a curtain to dress up your window. But there are have few technical points to take care of. Choose the window rod size according to your window size and window styling. Go in for tension or track window rod with contemporary designing, classic rods with traditional designing, etc.

  2. Overall designing and decor of the room

    Mix the rods well with the overall decors of the in-house that blends well with room styling and design attitude

  3. Fabric Weight

    Choose the curtain rod which is strong enough to hold your curtain dress up fabric material weight for years. Don’t just pick rods on the styling criteria. Durability is one of the vital parts of curtain rods to give a forever young look.

  4. Personal Choices

    Yes! Your curtain rods should complement the room’s decor & suit your room’s personality. The market is flooded with options. It is all your choice and your budget which takes the final decision to pick the most brilliant, matching and durable curtain rod for your window dressing.

To hang curtains, you need curtain rods. The installation of curtain rods in your master bedroom, dining room, home office or any other room can be handled by a professional, but you can do it yourself easily. Here’s guide will show you how to install curtain rods in your home. Read Now..

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