What Are the Advantages of Having a Carbon Air Filter?

Clean, fresh air is a must for any home. When your lungs feel good, you feel good. That is why your air filter should fit your needs. Getting the best option for your home is vital for you and your family.

You may be considering upgrading to a carbon air filter. But what are the advantages of using a carbon air filter over a traditional one? Here is what you can expect from your filter and what you can do to improve your household’s air quality.

Eliminate Odors in Your Home

When there is an odd smell or an odor you just cannot get rid of, it can impact how you feel in your home. Unfortunately, your standard air filter does not remove all the particles a carbon air filter can catch.

A carbon air filter can remove particles that filter out common odors, such as pet odors and even allergens. That means your home should smell better, cleaner, and fresher than ever before, even with furry friends in your home. These filters can also reduce or remove the smell of cigarette smoke.

No Harsh Contaminants

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) have high vapor pressure and low water solubility, which can cause long-term and short-term health damage. If you have used paints, paint thinners, pesticides, or cleaning supplies in your home, you have likely been exposed to VOCs.

Unfortunately, traditional air filters are not thorough enough to pull these chemicals out of the air.

Carbon air filters provide more thorough filtration than traditional air filters, meaning fewer VOCs in your air. These chemicals can be several times higher inside households, so you may be exposed to them more regularly. With a more robust filtration system, you can enjoy better health now and over time.

Long-Lasting Air Purification

When you place a traditional air filter in your home, there is a time limit on how long it will effectively clear out allergens and other particles from your home. You may be frustrated to find yourself changing your air filter more than you like.

While carbon air filters may cost a little more, they can make up for that with a longer lifespan. If you choose a filter and are unsure how long it will last, consult with a salesperson about your filter’s general lifespan before making any decisions.

Get Cleaner Air in Your Home Today

Few things are more important than the air you breathe every day. You want your home free of allergens, mold, chemicals, and other particles that can impact your comfort and your health.

Talk with our team at FilterKing about whether a carbon air filter is right for your home or business. If you have questions about your air filter, what type of filter is best for you, or how to choose a filter, check out our offerings or call for answers from a representative.

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