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Lawn mowers can be quite expensive, and this leaves many homeowners apprehensive to buy a new one. You have likely noticed that the cost of a lawn mower is quite high during spring and summer. So, when is the best time of year to buy a lawn mower?

The best time of year to buy a lawn mower is the fall. You can find low prices on lawn mowers during fall and early winter before retailers increase the price due to the high demand. Spring and summer are the worst time to buy a lawn mower because they are in demand and carry premium prices.

Zero-turn mowers are the most expensive type of lawn mower. Reel mowers and push mowers are the cheapest and cost between $112 and $400, on average. Follow along as we explore the best time of year to buy a lawn mower and highlight everything you need to know before you buy one.

What Time Of Year Is The Cheapest To Buy A Mower?

Fall is the best time of year to buy a lawn mower, and it’s also the cheapest. Many major retailers offer discounted rates on lawn mowers in the early fall. That’s because lawn mowers aren’t quite as in demand during the fall, when homeowners in most regions of the United States don’t need to mow their lawns.

The discounted rates on lawn mowers typically continue throughout early winter as well. However, the price of lawn mowers sharply increases once you get into February and March. This is when most homeowners shift their attention to preparing for spring and upgrading to a better lawn mower.

How Much Should I Pay For A Good Lawn Mower?

The average price of a lawn mower depends on the type of machine you choose, among other factors. Electric mowers often cost more than gas mowers. Gas mowers with high fuel capacities and high-horsepower engines are the most expensive types of gas lawn mowers.

Reel mowers, push mowers, riding mowers, and zero-turn mowers all vary in cost. Let’s explore how much you should pay for a good lawn mower based on type.

Reel Mower

You can expect to pay an average of $112 for a standard reel lawn mower. Reel mowers are simple and easy to use, but they aren’t ideal for every homeowner. They typically have 3-7 blades and are effective for mowing small lawns.

However, reel mowers aren’t effective for big lawns because they don’t feature engines in most cases. Instead, they rely on you to push them over the grass. The biggest downside to reel mowers is that they are prone to getting clogged, so it’s not worth paying much more than $100 for one.

Push Mower

Standard, gas-powered push mowers cost an average of $246. Battery-powered push mowers cost $400, on average, and they are more eco-friendly. While electric lawn mowers cost more, many homeowners debate whether they are worth the extra money.

High-end electric mowers feature batteries that can last up to an hour. However, some electric mowers only have a battery life of 30-45 minutes, which isn’t enough for every homeowner. This is especially true if you have a large lawn.

Riding Mower

Gas-powered, rear-engine riding lawn mowers cost an average of $3,100. You can find a riding mower for as little as $1,700, but high-end models cost up to $5,200 or more. Riding lawnmowers are essential for many farmers, business owners, and homeowners with large properties.

They aren’t quite as expensive as zero-turn lawn mowers, but they are over ten times the cost of the average push mower.

Zero-Turn Mower

Zero-turn lawn mowers cost an average of $5,125, but it varies on the size, mower deck, and engine. Some zero-turn mowers cost as much as $8,000 whereas others cost $3,100 or less. The size and horsepower of the motor are the biggest cost factors when it comes to a zero-turn lawn mower.

Zero-turn mowers are typically relegated to commercial use. Typically, lawn-care businesses use a zero-turn mower to cover as much ground as possible. Because of that, they only last for 3-4 years in most cases, but it varies based on usage.

Is It Worth It To Buy An Expensive Lawn Mower?

It’s worth it to buy an expensive lawn mower if you have a large lawn or need it for commercial use. Lawn care businesses require expensive lawn mowers because they need to make the most of their time. For example, a zero-turn lawn mower is essential if you need to cover land that measures ¼ of an acre or more.

This accounts for most of the lawns that commercial lawn-care professionals will cover. High-end mowers can also get the job done much quicker, and that helps to justify the price as well. However, lawn mowers are only a good investment if they are essential to your business or if you will use them frequently.

Lawn mowers rarely last longer than 5 years when used commercially or often to cover large grounds. Homeowners with small lawns don’t need to splurge on a high-end lawn mower in most cases because there is no return on investment. High-end lawn mowers typically offer superior performance, however, so some homeowners find them worth the cost.

How Much Gas Does A Lawn Mower Use Per Hour?

The average lawn mower uses 0.59 gallons of gas per hour. This is enough to mow the average lawn, but consumption varies based on several factors. The age of your lawn mower, its engine, and the mowing deck all affect gas consumption as does how long it takes to mow the lawn.

Mowers with powerful engines between 15 and 30 horsepower typically consume the most gas. It takes an average of an hour to mow an acre of gas. The average homeowner spends $2.30 per gallon to fill a lawn mower with gas.

Summing It Up

The best time of year to buy a lawn mower is in early fall or winter. Avoid buying a lawn mower in late February or early spring. That’s when retailers mark up the price of lawn mowers to keep up with the high demand when the grass starts to grow again.

Reel mowers cost an average of $112, push mowers cost an average of $246, and riding mowers cost an average of $3,100. Zero-turn mowers cost $5,125, but it varies based on the engine, horsepower, and cutting deck. It’s only worth it to buy an expensive lawn mower if you have a large lawn or need it for commercial use.

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