Where to Find Plastic Scrap in Disney Dreamlight Valley

While most Goofy Stalls in Disney Dreamlight Valley require paying Scrooge McDuck to repair them, the one in Ancient’s Landing’s dock area needs some copper, plastic scrap, and Goofy’s building skills to fix. Let’s talk about how to get plastic scrap for Goofy Stall repairs.

How to Get Plastic Scrap in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Getting plastic scrap in Disney Dreamlight Valley requires fishing in waters surrounding Ancient’s Landing. However, while you’d typically aim for colored fishing circles to get fish, you instead want to avoid these and target regular water to obtain plastic scrap.

Some good spots to fish are the Eternity Isle docks and the western island where you first encounter EVE.

The best way to fish for plastic scrap is to hang out with a level 10 fishing buddy. You’ll often obtain two plastic scraps for every line cast instead of one, cutting your time fishing in half.

Outside of this, make sure you do not cast your line toward any fishing bubbles, as this will give you fish instead of plastic scrap. White bubbles typically give fish like shad, while blue gives sea snails and orange gives robot fish.

Once you have all 12 plastic scraps for the quest, harvest 25 copper from surrounding copper boulders and the regular dark rocks scattered around Eternity Isle. After collecting both, return to Goofy and give him the supplies so he can repair the Goofy Stall, allowing Scrooge McDuck to assist free of charge.

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