Which Pendants for My Kitchen Island (or Not)?

Please help me decide! Should I add new pendant lighting above my kitchen island, or not? I’m testing out 5 options and would love to know what you think.

First, let’s take a little tour of the kitchen updates I’ve made so far in my new house.

These are the pendants that came with the kitchen. I took them down immediately.

Kitchen updates so far

Miraculously the only thing that needed updated in this kitchen were the floors (below) which we refinished.

And, we added some paint. We had the island painted the same colour as the rest of the kitchen (which is a custom green beige neutral), and the walls were painted the same as the trim colour. 

Eventually the violet grey countertops on the perimeter need to be replaced. But, since the island countertops are white, this is not an emergency.

Since this kitchen is so open, the only place to hide kitchen clutter is the pantry, however we always have a lot of fruit in bowls so I think the best way to style it is to always have an arrangement on the island.

However, what bothered me about my last kitchen, was that I couldn’t have elaborate tall branches of any kind because the pendants were always in the way.

Brass Pendant

So in our new kitchen, I’m actually considering not replacing the pendants at all. I certainly have enough existing recessed lighting (aka. cheese lights) so additional lighting while cooking isn’t really an issue.

Here is the look at my kitchen island with a tall arrangement and no pendant lighting.

But, I want to explore the idea of pendant lighting so here are some lights I have considered:

Keep in mind the scale is not going to be perfect in these photos here since I added them onto the slide.

Pendant Lighting Option 1:


Pendant Lighting Option 2:


Pendant Lighting Option 3:

Hudson Lighting

Pendant Lighting Option 4:


Pendant Lighting Option 5:

Alice Lane Interiors

If you want to learn how to do this with your kitchen, buy my shop online course here.

And here is a look at my kitchen again without any pendants and some tall pussywillows this time:

Making decisions for your OWN home is not easy

It’s so much harder to make decorating decisions for your own home. Don’t you agree – I mean, that’s why some of you choose to hire me for eDesign.

I’m sure the designers, decorators as well as homeowners can attest to this. Right?! Please share your experience in the comments below.

And please help me decide by entering your vote as well in the comments! 

PS. my third virtual workshop happened this weekend! There’s only ONE workshop left!!

See what some recent True Colour Expert graduates are saying ⬇️

New True Colour Expert Love ❤️

“Will take lots of practice, but I learned a lot!” – Wanda

Ah ha moment: “Your ‘subtraction’ method of selecting colors. Using wheel to i.d. undertones which eliminates So. Many. Colors.” – Beth

“As a trained, educated professional… they do not teach this! Designers need this… Design schools need this!” – Kylie

“Game changer – comparing & really seeing the undertones simplifies the entire process! I think as designers we tend to overthink things. You just made it easy to understand in a way that makes sense. As a designer I’m going to be more confident and not second guess myself after this course. – Stacey

There is ONLY ONE more course left in my Spring season, June 21 & 22, 2023. We haven’t made any decisions about this fall. 



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