Why Cybersecurity Matters in Construction — Part…

What’s Next for Ransomware?

There are many avenues that criminals have to breach personal and business data, from phishing schemes to wire transfer and invoicing fraud to malware on computing devices. Yet ransomware is one of the most commonly used tactics against businesses. Here are five ransomware topics to be aware of as you make your way through 2021.

1. Life and Death Matter

Ransomware attacks are becoming more and more frequent. As attackers begin to make their way into more industries, including health systems, lives are being put at risk. Even in the construction industry, cyberattacks pose a risk to employee wellbeing. Make sure your company is doing their part in preventing these attacks.

2. Pivot to Extortion

While this is nothing new, cyber criminals have multiple ways of getting what they want. It is one thing to lock down infrastructure, it is a whole other situation when they threaten to expose all confidential information. Your organization should have multiple plans in place for dealing with various types of attacks and threats. 

3. Ransomware Response Plan

Organizations can no longer afford to be unprepared. Customers are taking cybersecurity more seriously after witnessing the severity of recent attacks. As other organizations prepare to fight back against cyberattacks, your organization should be doing the same. 

4. Ransomware Legislation

With the new presidential administration comes new legislation. A new law is currently in the works for making the payments of cyber ransoms illegal. With this looming on the 2021 horizon, it is now more important than ever for organizations to do everything they can to prevent cyber attacks. In addition, organizations need to have a game plan ready that does not include paying the ransom. 

5. Next Generation of Security Professionals

With a shortage of qualified professionals, cybersecurity has a highly competitive job market. This is the perfect opportunity for college graduates and interns to capitalize on. As an organization who may be looking into hiring a security professional to assist in cybersecurity, be ready to offer a competitive wage and filter through a large number of candidates to find the right fit.

To hear more about how your organization can better prepare for a cybersecurity attack, watch the Cybersecurity in Construction webinar here:

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