Yoolax Motorized Zebra Blinds: Amazon Reviews

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For almost two weeks, I’ve been waking up to glaring light flooding my room, thanks to my huge, blind– and curtain-less windows. Natural light is great and all — I know that it’s definitely a luxury in New York City — but it’s not all that nice when you’re abruptly woken up as soon as the sun rises at 6 a.m. And don’t even get me started on the lack of privacy I’ve been dealing with. Needless to say, I’ve known I needed to purchase something to solve my problem ASAP, but I’ve had a bit of a struggle landing on exactly what I want to block my space from the view of the outside world.

Lucky for me, TikTok has given me an answer. As I was scrolling through my For You Page, a viral video raving about Amazon’s Yoolax Motorized Zebra Blinds popped up, and after reading all of the similar overwhelmingly positive reviews, I know these are definitely worth the cost — especially because they are just a fraction of the price of most other high-quality motorized blinds on the market. Plus, there’s a $45 coupon that can be applied at checkout right now! Intrigued? Let me tell you why these should be added to your cart, pronto.

What are the Yoolax Motorized Zebra Blinds?

Coming in 11 colors and various levels of shading — light blockage ranges from 70 to 95 percent — you’ll definitely land on a customizable set that matches the vibe of your room, meets your needs, and fits your window size perfectly. They have a double-layer zebra shade that alternates sheer and solid fabric bands to allow some light filtering, though you can use a remote control to adjust how much you let through. 

The blinds have a rechargeable motor that’ll last three to five months, but if you pair them with a solar panel, no charging is needed — which is especially useful for hard-to-reach windows. The remote can work up to 15 blinds at the same time, or you can set it to control each one individually. However, you may choose to opt out of the remote entirely and use voice control through Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home instead, which adds tons of convenience.

If you download the app, you can set a timer for them to open and close whenever you want — there’s even a setting for sunrise and sunset, too. The app can also recognize your location to close the blinds when you leave home. Cool, right?

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

You really can’t beat the price for how smart these blinds are, and according to reviews, they’re just as easy to install as they are to use. You’ll want to jump on grabbing these quickly, though, while the $45 coupon is still available — I sure will!

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