Zodiac MX6 Review: Suction Side Pool Cleaner

Maintaining a swimming pool is then only considered to be a challenge when the strategy to do so is wrongly executed. If it’s your very own pool, you just can’t keep your domestic errands pending and spend hours into it. Rather, you need to be wise in adopting such a way that would take less time and effort in fetching you quality results. So, why not bring an advanced pool cleaner and get things done in a jiffy?

Zodiac MX6, the automatic suction pool cleaner, is just outstanding in this respect with its exclusive low-flow design and cyclonic suction. This makes it a powerful vacuuming solution and ensures that your pool is devoid of contaminants. Therefore, it makes a great option for homeowners who are willing to upkeep their pools.

Key Features & Benefits Of The Zodiac MX6

zodiac mx6 review

Although the 21st century has witnessed some remarkable pool cleaners, the Zodiac MX6 has stolen the show with some of its exceptional features. Probably, this is one of the reasons why it is highly preferred among homeowners. So, let’s have a quick look at the key features of Zodiac MX6 that would let you know why it is a wise investment:

With dimensions of 40.1 x 9 x 14.6 inches, Zodiac MX6 is compact in size and has a low-flow design that lets it glide through the waters without any hassle. Scoring high in efficiency, this suction side pool cleaner comes equipped with programmed navigation that does the cleaning so well.

Saves A Good Amount Of Energy:

With Zodiac MX6, you don’t need to worry about your utility bills as this technologically enriched pool cleaner is quite energy-efficient. Moreover, it is quite compatible with not only two-speed pumps but pumps of varying speeds.

Vacuums With Immense Power:

One of the strongest features that differentiates Zodiac MX6 from others is its cyclonic suction. This not only gears up vacuuming but also articulates turbine blade. Consequently, this results in efficient wall climbing, thereby bettering the cleaning process.

Swiveling Hoses Enabled For Effortless Assembling:

User-friendly is one big advantage that Zodiac MX6 would assure its users. For this, swiveling hoses have been provided so that it can be connected in no time and without any effort. This makes the assembling easier, which users have always praised about.

Water Flow Stays Controlled:

Due to the presence of the flow regulator, the speed at which the water might start flowing gets controlled. This completely eliminates the need to make adjustments at the skimmer. So, there is no chance of water overflowing.

Zodiac MX6 comes with a handle that has been ergonomically designed to grip it well. So, whenever you are carrying it, you will not face any difficulty.

Smart Bi-Directional Navigation:

The feature that stands responsible to make Zodiac MX6 clean walls, floors and waterline thoroughly is its X-Drive Navigation. So, users can expect this device to move accurately as per how it navigates.

So, all these features are a sure indicator of the fact that Zodiac MX6 would now make your pool cleaning job smoother and better. Use it and you will know it better.

Limitations Of Zodiac MX6

Zodiac MX6, in spite of being one of the favorites among the pool cleaning solutions, has a handful of cons to state. As per some users, it often starts spinning in circles in the pool that does not make the cleaning efficient.

Some have even said that it often gets clogged up while picking debris in large amount. So, if you only keep your pool clean, Zodiac MX6 will get the job done faster, which is not a good thing about it. At times, it would stay stuck in the same area instead of moving.

What Users Are Saying About Zodiac MX6

Zodiac MX6 is not at all a bad choice if considered to be used for cleaning one’s personal swimming pool. Most of its aspects are positive like its wall-climbing ability, inexpensive spare parts, easy setup, and effective cleaning power.

It’s only the wheel at the bottom that often gets stuck at the edge while moving from the deep end to the shallow one. Even the pool vacuum does a great job in picking larger leaves at the bottom of the pool. Since Zodiac is an authorized service dealer, reliability and authenticity would never be questioned. Moreover, what else can be a smarter deal than this which does not even take 3 hours to clean up the pool entirely?

Which One Is Best – Zodiac MX6 Vs. Zodiac MX8

Despite sharing similar look, functionality, and technology, Zodiac MX6 and Zodiac MX8 have a handful of differences. So, if you are about to make way to the market and buy one of these, these differences are sure to help you.

Baracuda Zodiac MX8 Pool Cleaner

First, MX8 has to be more powerful since it can clean larger pools and take larger debris as well. With more maneuverability abilities, it is quite durable and takes lesser time. On the other hand, Zodiac MX6 comes with a single gearbox and has a fixed flow intake. It is light in weight when compared to the heavier MX8 but is quite compact in size. In terms of suction, MX6 is cyclonic while MX8 is dual cyclonic that makes it a bit superior and of course pricier.

Reasons To Buy Zodiac MX6

Reality says that MX6 has several valid reasons that make it a smart choice for homeowners. First, it consumes very little energy and yet stands a class apart in having an immense vacuum power. Secondly, it operates based on its existing pump, which eliminates the need to buy an additional pool pump separately.

Climbing walls too is a noteworthy aspect that makes it worthy to consider. Users can even hold it with ease for its ergonomic handle that makes it easier to use as well. It requires minimal water flow and stands efficient even at lower speeds. Furthermore, it can tackle all kinds of pool dirt and fine debris of your pool. For medium sized pools, Zodiac MX6 is a pretty good choice.

Despite all ifs and buts, Zodiac MX6 comes out as a clear winner in the category of swimming pool cleaners. Right from its exclusive navigation technology and unparalleled vacuum power to power saving capacity and swift cleaning, it steals the show and also proves to be a tough competitor when compared to MX8.

It even scores high in terms of its look and design and even runs the pump at low speeds. So, if you own a big-sized pool, Zodiac MX8 would be great while the best bet for medium-sized pools would be Zodiac MX6 without an inch of doubt. Once you bring it home, you will take a couple of hours to measure its excellence.

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