11 Inspiring kitchens with a terrazzo countertop for a playful effect

A terrazzo countertop can have an impressive, playful, and unique effect on a kitchen design. It’s a very versatile material made out of stone and glass fragments or marble chips, which allows you to put a warm pot on the countertop without a heat pad (check the guidelines of the manufacturer on this to make sure).

if you prefer minimalist neutral shades, you can go for pretty neutral terrazzo countertops or light grey countertops, however, you can pick out a bold or bright terrazzo countertop for a more modern terrazzo look that is very trendy at the moment. There are so many terrazzo variations to pick from, so you can make sure to match it with the color palette of your kitchen materials. For installing terrazzo, you should hire professional installers to make sure there is no cracking.

A modern terrazzo can have a playful effect and can result in a lovely and bold space. Terrazzo countertops, unlike marble and granite designs, are an emerging trendy countertop material, which might make them slightly less timeless in design. However, they are very long-lasting, so if you love this material regardless of it being trendy, it’s a great choice as a countertop material that can stand the test of time.

A bold terrazzo backsplash and kitchen island paired up with beige cabinets

The bright terrazzo countertops and bright terrazzo backsplash turn this minimal kitchen with beige cabinets into a design with a very distinct style.

The terrazzo kitchen countertops are paired with glass front upper cabinets, a gorgeous kitchen island, and natural elements in the bar stool and hardwood floor for an interesting mix of materials. The terrazzo countertop also comes back in the cover underneath the upper cabinets and on the sides of the island, which makes the effect of this beautiful natural texture even more impressive.

via Nordiska Kök

A white terrazzo countertop adds a playful touch to a dark blue kitchen

The blue sleek cabinets in this kitchen with white tiles against the wall have a playful look resulting from the combination of the white terrazzo countertop with red and blue tones and the rail with the pots and pans.

The stylish countertop ties the kitchen together and the blue recycled components in the countertop come back in the cabinet color as well for a cohesive look. The red tones in the terrazzo, on the other hand, can be seen in the warm copper and wood details on display on the rail.

via Very Simple Kitchen

Marble quartz terrazzo countertops in a lovely olive green kitchen

This serene Nordic kitchen with green cabinets is enhanced with a white upper cabinet, black wall lamps, and gorgeous beige terrazzo countertops that tie the color palette together nicely and add warmth.

The effect of the beige terrazzo is impressive because of the tall backsplash that uses the same material and it stands out against the white walls. Since the color variations on the stone chips are rather modest, this type of terrazzo has a timeless look that won’t go out of style.

via Himlekök

White terrazzo countertops on the island and in the kitchen module

The sleek no handles cabinets in this beautiful warm kitchen stand out from the light hardwood flooring and the bright terrazzo countertop.

While dark wood cabinets are used on the main kitchen module, the kitchen island is entirely made out of terrazzo, which makes it a real focal point in the space. The white of the countertop stands out against the off-white paint color on the walls and comes back in the white wall lamp and artwork for a subtle, yet sophisticated effect in the interior.

via Nordiska Kök

A fun terrazzo countertop contrasts in an all-white kitchen

This cool white modern kitchen has a dark grey terrazzo countertop that stands out against the all-white setting created by the white brick wall and the off-white kitchen cabinets.

The white sleek cabinets contrast nicely with the black sink and dark terrazzo and the natural wood elements in the cutting board and wall shelf add a lot of warmth to this otherwise neutral setting.

via Very Simple Kitchen

White terrazzo countertops and light-stained cabinetry

The cool white terrazzo countertops stand out in this small kitchen made out of natural materials. The long blonde wood shelf with cabinet doors paired up with open blonde wood shelves and cabinet doors add a lot of texture to the space, which is brightened up by the terrazzo countertops.

The white walls and matching floor make the light-stained kitchen stand out in a subtle way and I love the way the natural textures in both materials take front and center in this interior.

White terrazzo countertops and light-stained cabinetry

via Funkiskök

Large pattern terrazzo countertops in a modern kitchen

The cheerful terrazzo countertops with various stone chips in different sizes add a playful touch to the blue kitchen cabinets in this spacious kitchen. The big sizes of stone chips in this terrazzo are great for such a large space, as the countertops will have more of an impressive effect on the interior.

A more subtle design with smaller stone chips will work better in a smaller kitchen with a subtle look.

via Very Simple Kitchen

Light grey terrazzo countertops in a light wood tone kitchen

The matching grey terrazzo countertops on both the kitchen island and main kitchen module add a beautiful contrast with the light wood kitchen cabinets on the island and the off-white cabinets in the main kitchen.

The grey terrazzo pairs up nicely with the concrete staircase, while the wood grains in the light wood are complemented with the bar stools at the kitchen island.

via Marbodal

A lovely pink kitchen with pink terrazzo countertops and a modern look

The pretty pink terrazzo countertops pair up nicely with the cool modern pink kitchen that features an eye-catching stainless steel countertop.

The subtle tone of the pink kitchen cabinets is also present in the window frames and in the pink tone variations in the stone countertop, from which the stainless steel faucets and kitchen island stand out in an impressive way.

via Himlekök

White terrazzo countertops and white subway tiles in a hunter-green kitchen

The beautiful hunter-green kitchen island and cabinets in this cozy kitchen are paired up with an impressive white subway tile backsplash and white terrazzo countertops on both the island and sink module.

The white tones in the kitchen countertops are slightly warmer than the crisp white of the tiles, which makes the kitchen look interesting and sophisticated.

White terrazzo countertops and white subway tiles in a hunter-green kitchen

via Alicia Edelman

Terrazzo countertops add a playful touch to a bright yellow kitchen

This bright yellow kitchen with a yellow faucet, yellow wall lights, and a yellow open shelf that goes wall-to-wall looks very playful and daring. The addition of the terrazzo countertop paired with all the yellow makes the design even more playful and I think it’s impossible to enter this kitchen without being cheery.

via Marbodal

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