18 Spectacular 3D Wall Designs for Your Living Space

Your home’s walls have long been adorned with paint and wallpapers to give it a colourful touch. There’s a new trend on the block that’s capturing the attention of interior designers and homeowners alike: 3D wall designs.

3d wallpaper for bedroom walls designsThese ‘3D’ designs lend a textured feel to your walls, allowing you to add character and depth to your home’s interior decor. Let’s look at 18 interesting 3D wall designs that are truly the next big feature in home interiors.

1. Walls with 3D Geometric Patterns

walls with 3d geometric patterns

If you want to make your living room or bedroom come alive, you have to invest in an aesthetically-pleasing 3D wallpaper. Here’s a suggestion for a 3D wallpaper design for living rooms that will create a statement wall in your room. If you wish to add an illusionary effect to your bedroom, we suggest going for geometric patterns that are bold, stylish, and beautiful (as shown above).

2. A Classic 3D Wall Panel for Your Living Room

3d wall panel designIf you want a more understated look and have a living room that’s largely conceptualised in beige and cream colours, here’s a 3D wall panel idea you will love. The long and thin vertical panels on the right make this living room feel artsy in a subtle manner. The cabinet below the TV perfectly complements the overall design, making this a winning combination. Add decor items in clay or natural stone finish and complete the look.

3. An End-to-End 3D Wall

end-to-end 3d wall designWhile you may think that an all-black living room may be a tad too much, the image above will help change your viewpoint. This 3D wall design works because it is a mix of both textured and plain designs in the same shade palette. The strategic use of LED lights brings a nice contrasting effect. Believe us when we tell you that dark grey walls have always been in vogue (and always will be). This design subtly adds drama to your walls without being too in the face.

4. A 3D Wall Backsplash to Uplift Your Kitchen

3d wall backsplash

If you want to add more character to your kitchen, installing a 3D wall panel as a backsplash can help. Take a look at the image above for inspiration. You can go with uniform and bold 3D blocks or opt for the exposed brick style of wall design. Since all the other kitchen surfaces are fairly uniform, this 3D brick wall stands out.

5. A 3D Wall with Sandy Textures

3d wall design with sandy textures

Here’s a 3D wallpaper for bedroom wall designing that’s bold, beautiful, and worth the risk. This grainy wall texture adds a rustic and earthy look to the bedroom. What makes this kind of 3D wall design work is the low-seating bed. This type of interior design is minimal yet successful in creating a lasting impact on the onlooker. If you are not afraid of experimenting and want a drastic transformation in your bedroom, this type of 3D wall design is the way to go.

6. A Country Style 3D Wood Panel: the Perfect Addition to Any Living Room

country style 3d wood panel

If your home has been intrinsically designed with wooden flooring, here’s a 3D wall design that you must go for. Instead of opting for vertical 3D wall panels, change the look by going for horizontal 3D wall panels. Make sure to go for lighter wood colours and finish to lend your living room a warm and inviting look and feel. Additionally, use the right kind of soft furnishings to give your living room a Hygge vibe by creating a mood of comfort and cosiness.

7. Go All Out with a Quirky 3D Wall Design

3d wall design ideas

While there’s nothing wrong with using 3D wallpapers to add depth to your home’s interiors in both literal and figurative terms, you can go the other route by installing 3D designs that are genuinely popping out. Confused?

Take a look at the image above. Imagine this kind of 3D wall on one section of your living room. It will definitely help transform your living room wall into a statement section and liven up your living room without much effort. The gold and brown finish is a nice touch. As a pro tip, remember to use this kind of 3D wall on a smaller section of area for maximum impact. You want the wall to look beautiful and not jarring.

8. A Unique 3D Wall Design with Gold + Wood + Mirror Elements

3d wall design with gold

If you are on the lookout for something more out-of-the-box, we suggest going for a 3D wall design, as shown above. This 3D wall pattern is chic and stylish. It is a bold graphic idea that makes the living room look opulent and luxe. The golden panels on either side are a nice touch. Don’t miss out on the grey-silver wallpaper, which completes the look and beautifully contrasts with the golden-brown shades of the wall.

9. The 3D Wall Design of Our Dreams

3d wall design painting

Looking for ideas on 3D wall design painting? Here’s an example worth considering. There’s plenty we love about this bedroom. Let’s start with the larger-than-life mirror. This mirror becomes the perfect setting against a cream-coloured 3D wall panel backdrop. The beauty of this 3D wall design lies in the fact that it is restricted to the bed and dressing areas (and does not cover the entire wall, which can make it look overwhelming).

10. A Simple 3D Wall Painting Design that is Understated and Elegant

simple 3d wall painting designs

Here’s a simple 3D wall painting design that is sure to find many takers. If you look closely, you will notice the grainy and sandy texture of the walls. This is what makes this 3D wall design stand apart. If you want to revisit your living room interior design, this idea is worth its weight in gold. Since the wall design is relatively simple, adorn your living room with decorative and dramatic item pieces to create a sense of balance and design synergy.

11. A 3D Wall Idea that’s Evergreen

3d wall design with layered bricks

This style of a 3D wall design with layered bricks is perfect for any bedroom. If you want to create a comfortable and snuggly corner, you can go for a 3D surface, as shown above. Add plenty of fresh greens and soft furnishings to provide a trendy bohemian vibe to your room. Stick to neutral colours for a more powerful effect. You can introduce spring-like colours by way of flowers and plants placed all over the room.

12. An Asymmetric 3D Wall that Creates Synergy

asymmetric 3d wall design

If you have a cute little corner in your home, as shown here, you can play things up with the wall behind. A 3D wall like this creates a calming effect and makes your living room look bigger. Simply have one wall with 3D designs so that it doubles up as a standout wall (as opposed to having contrasting textures all around, which can make your living room look chaotic).

13. Japanese-Inspired 3D Wall Painting Design

japanese-inspired 3d wall painting design

Here’s a Japanese-inspired 3D wall painting design that is an immediate winner. The calming strokes on this 3D wall painting design have a relaxing effect on the onlooker. You don’t need to buy a bespoke 3D wall panel to give your bedroom a makeover; a 3D wall painting design with a central theme does the job equally well (as is proven above).

14. Geometric 3D Wall Patterns for the Win

geometric 3d wall patterns

This triangular 3D wall design immediately adds more drama to the room. This type of wall is great for the walls behind your bed. Given how dominating the pattern is, you do not need to hang any artwork to ‘complete’ the room–your 3D wall is artwork enough.

15. 3D Wall Design for Your Bathroom

3d wall design for bathroom

Though less experimented with, you can also add a 3D wall design in your bathroom, preferably outside of the shower area. You can use a 3D wallpaper design or go for 3D wall tiles, such as a stone tile, to give it a gorgeous 3D effect.

16. 3D Wallpaper Designs are Always In

3d wallpaper designs

This living room is a winning idea when it comes to 3D wall designs for many reasons. One, it adds a great textured look by installing shiny blue-grey wallpaper. Two, even the textured flooring perfectly complements the walls without making the living room look too blingy or, worse, overdone. Three, the bright blood red bar chairs add a contrasting effect and blend into the overall design seamlessly. Four, the Bali-inspired cane lamps complete the look.

17. A 3D Wall Design that’s Reminiscent of the 1970s

exposed brick 3d wall design

Remember the brick-clad era of 1970s architecture? Every studio apartment in New York aced this look. If you want to bring the outdoors in, opt for an exposed brick 3D wall design. Place planters and fresh greens all around, as shown above, and transform your home into a natural haven. The beauty of this picture lies in the attention to detail. From the wooden clock with gold hands to the customized cane planters, this room aces the au-natural look.

18. The Statement-Making 3D Wall Section

statement-making 3d wall section

As mentioned before, you don’t need to 3D paint an entire wall area or get 3D wall panels installed everywhere to achieve the desired look. A smaller section of a customized wall panel works just fine. For some serious inspiration, take a look at the image above. The eyes immediately wander to the area above the sofa (and for a good reason). Carve out a dedicated space in your living room and give it a 3D makeover.

3d wall design for living room

There you have it. A 3D wall design is neither tacky nor overwhelming if done correctly. It has the power to transform your space into a high-energy area, thanks to the different patterns, textures, and finishes available. For more interesting 3D wall design ideas, come on over to HomeLane.


How do you make 3D art on the wall?

Making 3D wall art is not as complicated as it seems. Simply follow these steps to get your hands on a personalised DIY textured wall design:

Step 1: Take a canvas or frame and tape off all the edges with blue painter’s tape.

Step 2: Next, apply the painter’s putty using a putty knife. To create excellent wall art, you can create various patterns and textures with your putty knife. You can also use other kinds of textured art (think: caulk, plaster, etc.).

Step 3: Next, once the painter’s putty becomes dry, apply a base coat.

Step 4: Paint your artwork in the desired colours and shades. Go into Pinterest to get inspired, or simply follow your gut.

That’s it; you are done!

How do you paint a 3D wall panel?

To paint a 3D wall panel, you will need waterproof PVC material. This type of material is perfect as it is waterproof and lightweight. With respect to the colour and design, you can go the DIY route. Most importantly, the best part of a paintable 3D wall panel is that it can easily be installed on your walls with glue. You don’t need any other fancy material. If you want to transform your bedroom or living room, a 3D wall panel covering is just what you need.

How do you make 3D plaster art?

If you want to make textured canvas art with plaster, follow these steps:

Step 1: Start by buying a canvas frame of desired shape and size.

Step 2: Collect materials such as joint compound/drywall mud, taping knife, paintbrush, and paint.

Step 3: Paint your canvas with matte wall paint and a paintbrush.

Step 4: Once the paint is dry, it’s time to texture the canvas. Place plaster onto the canvas and shape it the way you want to.

Step 5: Let it dry completely (for at least two days). Then paint over it to seal everything in and let it dry. Your plaster 3D wall art is ready.

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