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Though we all appreciate beautiful paper, a gift wrap collection can quickly become disorganized. Whether you use gift wrap to mark holidays, birthdays, or anniversaries, keeping your supplies organized will save you time and stress in the long run.

Thankfully, there are a variety of simple wrapping paper storage solutions you can use in any closet or cabinet – large or small. From hanging bags to drawers, these hacks will keep your wrap out of sight but still accessible.

1. Hanging Bag

The hanging bag is an iconic wrapping paper storage solution that complements any decor. Featuring easy-grip handles, tiered paper storage compartments, and clear-view windows to identify contents inside, this organizer makes for convenient organization.

This sturdy bag can accommodate twelve 40-inch wrap rolls and features reinforced carrying handles. Once you’re finished wrapping, hang the bag discreetly on the back of a door for discreet storage – complete with a removable toolbox for tape, scissors, ribbons, bows – and more!

This storage system not only offers a smart solution for organizing items, but it also makes it simpler than ever to find the ideal wrapping paper for every special occasion. With dual compartments for 30-inch rolls of wrapping paper, 4 square bins for bows and ribbons, plus small pockets for cards, tags, and tissue paper – you’re sure to find what you need quickly!

2. Drawer

If you have a dresser or other large cabinet with drawers, you could use it as an ideal wrapping paper storage solution. These drawers are usually large enough to accommodate rolls of wrapping paper and you can organize them by color or type so it’s simple to find what you need quickly.

You can install a telescopic channel slide that extends all the way out for easier access to the back of your drawer. These slides usually feature a soft-close mechanism to reduce the risk of your drawer slamming shut.

Organizing Gift Wrap

Organizing Gift Wrap

3. Over-The-Door Rack

Door racks can be an ideal way to store wrapping paper and other gift wrap supplies. Their size makes them ideal for accommodating larger amounts of wrapping paper without taking up too much floor space, plus you’ll have room for gift bags, ribbons, bows, and other accessories as well.

It’s essential to purchase a door organizer that is the right size for the door it will hang on. Doing this will guarantee your items are comfortable to hang both open and closed.

When shopping for over-the-door racks, various brands offer them with different numbers of baskets and hooks. It is essential to take into account how many baskets and hooks you require before deciding which over-the-door rack works best for your needs.

4. Rolling Basket

The rolling basket is the ideal way to prevent your prized possessions from falling to the bottom of your shopping cart. Plus, it’s less likely you’ll end up on the floor in the dark! Furthermore, this item is easy to assemble and disassemble, meaning you don’t have to worry about neighbors tripping you over! Available in two colors, you’ll surely be the envy of everyone around you with this stylish storage solution!

5. Vertical Storage

Vertical storage is ideal for organizing gift wraps, whether you need small pieces or long rolls. Drawers are one popular option but underbed boxes or shoe boxes can also serve this purpose.

Another clever storage idea is to utilize a hanging system. This over-the-door setup uses wire baskets for spools of ribbon, washi tape, and other accessories.

It takes up no floor space and can be moved when necessary, too. Additionally, it keeps your wrapping supplies organized and tidy, saving time and energy during the holidays.

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