6 Cozy Christmas Mantel Ideas

Simplifying Your Space: The Art of Decluttering Your Christmas Mantel

In our world, we absolutely love trekking into the snowy mountains each year, to find our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. 

And because John + I have an affinity for falling in love with the tallest tree on the hillside –– when it comes to fitting that lush green beauty into our great room it usually requires that we spend some time trimming a few branches 🙂

And like our tree trimming tradition, when it comes to decorating your fireplace mantel for Christmas it’s imperative that you cut back the clutter. 

Start by removing the unnecessary Christmas decorations that currently live on your mantel. 

Think about it like this — you’ve already got this gorgeous tree standing tall in your home. It’s full of lights + ornaments that come out of the box once a year. Not to mention, those beautifully wrapped presents tucked beneath the Christmas tree + if you’re channeling those vintage Christmas vibes, maybe there’s even an old train set nestled in there somewhere (yep, we’re looking at you Pop Pop). 

Needless to say, when it comes to the holidays, there is a lot going on in your home (which isn’t typically there year round.) So, remove anything + everything that feels like clutter. 

Psst: at Elegant Simplicity, we define clutter as anything we don’t need, use or love.

And with a fresh start, now we can start thinking about Christmas mantel ideas that make your fireplace feel merry + bright 🙂

Designing A Christmas Mantel Is About Establishing a Focal Point

By now, after hanging out with us for any length of time, you know that when it comes to reimagining a space we always start by thinking on an emotional level.

Because… Home is an emotion. It’s not just walls + a roof, it’s a feeling of belonging.

How do we want the room + the people in our home to feel? And being that it’s Christmas time, you likely want your fireplace mantel christmas decor to exude joy, happiness + to place emphasis on your family’s core values.

Because when it comes to the fireplace mantel my love, we have tons of different ideas. For instance…

Maximizing Space and Style: The Magic of Mirrors

Hanging a mirror above the fireplace is always an ideal thing to do as it makes a room feel larger. And, when it comes to holiday decorating your christmas mantel doesn’t have to be overly Christmas.

Personalizing with Festive Phrases: Framing Christmas Sayings

Usually, we’re not ones for word art but for the sake of being festive, your Christmas mantel decorations could include framing your favorite holiday saying + layer it with another picture on top of your holiday mantel. This creates a unifying focal point that’s both meaningful + radiating with holiday vibes. 

Choosing an Oversized Wreath

An oversized wreath is a classic Christmas mantel idea as it creates a soothing place for the eye to rest.

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