How Cultivating Connection Can Create A More Fulfilling Home

Positive Communication + Sense Of Service

In a sports environment, we’d call communicating teamwork *wink* 

But in the home encouraging positive communication ensures that honest + open dialogue can exist while maintaining respect + kindness. Sometimes we talk loud but it’s positive, sometimes we talk under our breath and it’s negative — a conscious approach to communicating is both talking + listening so everyone feels heard + valued.

And this is where a sense of service comes into play in cultivating connection. Whether that’s between spouses or parent and child, if each side is working together + approaching the dialogue as if they have a responsibility to serve the other person, then a common goal has the ability to surface. 

In a home that’s truly Elegant Simplicity, a sense of service is any action (speaking, listening or doing) that is serving someone else before yourself.

Cultivating Connection With Self

“… to devote ones attention to make ourselves better by the cultivating.”

How does cultivating connection with self affect the home environment? Well, we’re so glad you asked.

Encouraging Mindfulness + Modeling The Relationships You Desire

When you establish practices like prayer, meditation, journaling, reading, walks in nature, exercise or simply sitting in a quiet place for a few moments, your personal self care routine creates space in your day-to-day life to support you, first. 

Much like the flight attendant at the beginning of a new flight, put on your own oxygen mask first, then someone else’s, if you’re filling up your own cup first and then serving your spouse, your children, your friends + family you’re more prepared and in tune with yourself to do so.

Not to mention, your self care routine encourages mindfulness in others in your home. And that’s really what modeling the relationships you desire to have in your home is all about — encouraging others by doing it first.

Put down your phone, first. 

Listen, first.

Engage with your eyes, first.

Model mindfulness + the relationships you desire, first.

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