Adding Colour to Your Black, White & Grey Room

If you’re tired of looking at your black, white and grey living room and wondering how you can decorate with colour, this colour rescue is for YOU!

This week’s Colour Rescue over on YouTube is a one day makeover for Pete & Brittany! Brittany sent in her photos and said they wanted to add COLOUR to their black, white and gray living room.

This was a new build, just two years old and Brittany had made many timeless choices for their modern home before she found me about a year ago on Instagram. 

Her LVP flooring was perfectly timeless, she installed a white kitchen (below) as well has installed lovely white and grey porcelain tiles and white countertops in their bathrooms (not shown).

Where she added colour was in the navy island and then she repeated the blue in the living room but it was still missing warmth.

The first thing I did was move the art to their bedroom as we really wouldn’t consider navy to be a ‘pop’ of colour in an all grey black and white space.

Instead I added blue to the powder room which also needed accessories and artwork.  I couldn’t resist including this room in our decorating plans since it was so easy for me to do.

Brittany and Pete were thrilled with the changes because after they added the wallpaper to this room it felt flat and well, a little boring.

Please be kind if you have a critique, remember the homeowners are reading the comment! 

How to decorate your black, white and grey living room

Check out this week’s episode along with all the befores and afters here:


And if you live in the lower mainland I would LOVE to help you add a look and a feel to a room in your home. You do need to have the basics just like in this colour rescue so that it can be a one day makeover! You can apply right here.

An update on kitchen trends

Have you heard? The white kitchen is out?

No matter what you’ve heard, something timeless can also be trending.  So just because the white kitchen has officially been replaced by the English Countryside kitchen, it doesn’t mean that the all-white kitchen won’t stand the test of time! Just sayin’

To get up to date on all the trends and create a new vision for your home this Spring, there’s never been a better time to enroll in one of my workshops. Homeowners this is your course, It’s virtual (do it with your spouse). Design professionals can join me here live in Chicago in May.

PS. Every time I post a youtube episode, someone asks if I can go back to my old format of photos and blog copy. And believe me, I just want you to know I WOULD LOVE TO DO THAT. But I can’t, because video is better for learning. It just is. That’s why YouTube is the #1 search engine for how-tos. I can share and show you so much more in video. 

But I hear ya. And I’m tired… I’ve never worked so hard since I’ve started doing these long form videos. And I had to keep going, keep making cringy videos until I got better. There’s no way around it.

It has taken me years just to learn where to place one light so that I don’t look 20 years older than I am, haha. In addition to special lighting, there’s also technology related to great audio, good editing and fun animations. I’ve even had to hire more people!

I would love nothing more than to go back to writing strictly a blog with my hair sticking up in my pyjamas. But that wouldn’t be serving you in the BEST WAY possible. So don’t be shy.

Head over to youtube where you’ll get a lot more content from me talking and showing than you ever will in a blog post. I promise! 💛


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