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Anne Hathaway’s Cottage interior design is a sixth challenge under in “How hard can it be?” category where Jeremy Clarkson creates an idea the said interior design.

Challenge sypnosis[]

Jeremy Clarkson meet up with Marie to conceive the design of the interior with his own ideas. However, on following week Marie disregarded Clarkson’s design idea so they have to re-think what suitable of his idea and meet up with the builders with the based car on the Mercedes S280.

Building the interior[]

The builders starting to strip everything on the interior of Mercedes S280 but came to think re-position the fuel tank for the fire stove. Marie once again make a sketch on Jeremy’s idea. After they strip the interior, the builders filled up with cement on car’s floor then the door as being plastered but also increases weight nearly 2 tonnes with the clip cut short.

Revealing the interior design[]

On studio Jeremy reveals to the audience with complete build Anne Hathaway’s design Mercedes. It features a mini-library, a fire stove, a furniture, and mesh wires on the car’s window.

His co-presenters Richard Hammond and James May tested on the Top Gear test track. Upon giving a throttle they tumbled themselves as the effect of the inertia thanks to the unsecured seats and lack of seat belts. In nought-to-sixty run it manages a horribly slow with 35.4-seconds but also falls off the globe and the chimney. As Hammond brake they goes forward on the seat. May puts back the chimney just before the test begins. During the test on Top Gear test track as they approach corner they lean their shoulder as an effect of the g-forces then thrown out of his seats, upon crossing the line. May clears was rubbish then the lap time was recorded also.

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