Best Above Ground Pool Heater Reviews And Guide Of 2023

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Above ground pools are pleasurable ways through which people can get together and enjoy the moment. Unfortunately, the swimming seasons may be too short for some of us. In that regard, the best above ground pool heater comes in handy.

The primary purpose of pool heaters is to remove the uncomfortable chill in the water to make it hospitable. Our children may also want to enjoy some time in the pool after school hours in the evening, and cold water would not be appropriate.

The pool heater raises the temperature of the water to make it comfortable regardless of the time of the day.

But as always, the most challenging part is choosing the best product among many. In the following review, we examine some of the above ground pool heaters that are making waves on the market based on their quality. We can assure you that each of the following products is quality and the worth your consideration.

Best Above Ground Pool Heater

Best Pool Heater For Above Ground Pool In 2021

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Top 10 Best Above Ground Pool Heater Reviews

Here is the details review of best pool heater for your above ground pool. There are few models which are capable of heating both in-ground and above ground pool.

1. Hayward H400FDN 400,000 BTU Pool And Spa Heater (Natural/Propane Gas)

One of the simplest ways to land quality machine is by going the brand way. It is much safer especially if you are buying the equipment for the first time to buy a respected brand.

In that regard, Hayward H400FDN is one of the most reliable machines that you can get to heat your pool. But apart from the product coming from a respected brand, what else makes it the best above ground pool heater on the market?

You know how hard it can be to find a reliable machine. It almost seems as if the focus is mostly on cost-cutting. Most of the manufacturers on the market use a variety of ways to maintain their market.

Among these ways include using cheaper quality materials to keep competitiveness in terms of pricing. An overall result is an unreliable machine.

Fortunately, the Hayward pool heater is one of the most reliable machines coming from a respected brand. It has functional features that are easy to use and efficient.

Even better, it uses natural gas to heat the water. The associated benefit of using natural gas is that, it produces a significant amount of heat. In other words, heating using natural gas is more efficient and sustainable than some other methods.

The heat exchanger is Standard Cupro nickel, which by all standards is efficient and reliable. It is the backbone of efficiency in this machine.

You should note that, the heat exchanger is even efficient when dealing with salt water. We all live in different places, and the source of water can be different. Therefore, having a machine that can handle different qualities of water is a great thing.

And thanks to polymer header design, the associated hydraulic performance is excellent and among the best. It utilizes a forced combustion system that prevents any outside elements from interfering with the internal temperatures.

For example, high wind conditions can interfere with the heating performance of a particular above ground pool water heater. After all, it is somewhere that the external weather conditions can interfere with it.

In a time when there is so much focus on global warming and greenhouse emissions, having products that comply with emission standards is always the best thing to do. Each of us has a role to play in reducing greenhouse gases. After all, it is our planet, and we must look after it.

The hayward above ground pool heater has zero emissions, and so you can have peace of mind when enjoying heated pool water. Your indulgences should not hurt the environment, and this pool heater makes sure of that.

We all want durable machines as no one fancies having to go to the stores again to buy the same equipment. Durable tools are cost-saving. And that is what this above ground water heater is all about.

The heat exchanger is versatile and comfortable and even with salty water. The exchanger is also high flow, and the rate of water movement will not affect it.

Also, the polymer header design boasts excellent hydraulic performance. The feature helps the machine withstand the erosion effect of high flow and saves energy at the same time. This is one of the most efficient pool heater you can find right now.

Given the quality and efficiency associated with this above ground water heater, it is quite expensive. However, the price is not so bad if you determine the quality of the product. We can say that it is all worth it.

It is also important to note that you will need a professional installation. And of course, this is an extra cost to the user.

2. Intex Solar Heater Mat For Above Ground Swimming Pool: Best Pool Heater For Intex Above Ground Pool

Some of us love simplicity in the products more than anything. As a result, this intex above ground pool heater is maybe the best definition of simplicity.

As mentioned, the Intex Solar Heater has a simple design which makes it easy to handle and maintain. You’ll not find any complicated parts that you need to manage. It uses solar power which is quite easy to source compared with other heating sources.


The small above ground pool heater is one of the most environmentally friendly heaters that you will find on the market. And as you would expect, the whole system and setup do not have any emissions.

This intex pool heater uses solar energy, and there are no by-products. The only thing that you get is heated pool water.

An easy-to-use product is better than a complicated one. Most of us don’t have the time to learn the controls effectively. Anything complicated is not user-friendly.

Intex Solar Heater is easy to use and does not have any complicated controls. The product has a simple hook up and can work effectively with a filter pump of up to 1.5 horsepower.

Many people may have reservations about solar water heaters given that most of them do not have sufficient capacity. In some cases, you may need several of the heaters to prove efficient.

Interestingly, this solar water heater has a decent capacity of 8000 gallons. That is not so bad considering that most of the above ground swimming pools are not so large.

It is also important to mention that this machine is quite affordable. Anyone can afford it.

Despite the simplicity and affordability associated with this solar heater, it has some shortcomings. Among the most apparent include the fact that it is not reliable. The Achilles heel of most water heaters that depend on solar panels is that they may not be useful when the weather conditions are gloomy.

3. GAME 4721  Solar Pool Heater For Above Ground And In Ground Pools:  Best Above Ground Solar Pool Heater

The popularity of solar pool heater is growing by the day. Typically, they’re so much focus on energy efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gases. Towards that goal, GAME 4721 SolarPRO Curve Solar Pool Heater is everything that an environmentally friendly and energy efficient water heater should be.

The solar water heater comes with an innovative carved design to optimize the harvesting of solar energy. Compared with other models, this water heater is quite efficient.

The pool heater is also versatile, and you can use it for in ground water heating. However, you may need to use several units to get the necessary results.

The curved surface and the rest of the components are durable and reliable. It comes with commercial grade collectors that you will use for a very long time. It also comes with multi-functional plumbing options to accommodate various plans and systems.

In particular, the curved surface is made from strong bow-molded plastic that efficiently contains heat and repels wind. Even better, the curve is compatible with the in-ground as well as above ground pools.

You will also find that the hose clamps are stainless steel. Therefore, they are not going to corrode or rust. It is the nature of most metallic objects to rust when there is a significant amount of water contact and air. Stainless steel equipment is an exception.

Easy to Assemble and Maintain:

It is a fact that some machines in the market are a pain to assemble and maintain. Fortunately, this solar water heater is easy to assemble and maintain. The assembly process only takes a few minutes. Furthermore, it does not have parts that require frequent maintenance.

This above ground swimming pool heater comes with adaptors and hoses that you need to assemble and start using. For some people, assembling this device is fun.

The efficiency of this solar pool water heater depends on how much sun your yard gets. If you are in areas where there isn’t so much sun, then this machine will not be efficient. Furthermore, it will be unreliable when the weather conditions are unfavorable. You may need to look for other options to heat the pool.

4. Hayward H100ID1 100,000 BTU Above Ground Pool & Spa Heater (Natural Gas)

Another great natural gas above ground pool heater from the Hayward. Hayward is by far one of the most reliable brands on the market of pool water heaters. Therefore, you can expect this machine to be as reliable and as quality as possible.

But what else does Hayward H100ID1 have that makes it one of the best water heaters on the market?

Reliability and Efficiency:

Among the various factors that make this above ground pool and spa heater efficient is the brand. Hayward is a respected and reliable brand that you can depend on to heat the pool water to favorable temperature.

Another factor is that it makes use of natural gas, which in the majority of cases, is quite efficient. Natural gas produces a significant amount of heat energy to heat the pool and spa quickly and efficiently. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for long to enjoy that moment you look forward to after a hard day at work.

The induced draught technology that this water heater uses is innovative and effective. It ensures all-weather performance and optimal heating of the above ground pool water. As a result, you get the right temperature within the shortest time possible. More importantly, you enjoy the practical working of this machine.

The machine has some of the best features that modern devices should have. Mostly, it has electronic ignition that makes it easy to start. You don’t have to struggle with the controls like some of the products on the market.

Simplicity is one of the most critical factors that make one product better than the other. And in that regard, no one can say that this machine is complicated. Far from it, all the controls are easy to understand and use.

It is also important to note that the cabinet surface temperature is comfortable to touch. There’s no risk of having burns from hot surfaces like some of the heaters on the market. We can never be too careful, and especially for some of us that have kids.

The water heater is also easy to install. You may not need professional help to do it effectively. However, you should be sure of what goes where to ensure safety and efficiency. Should you have any doubts, you should get a professional installation.

Some users say that the water heater may have soldier joint leaks. Others say that it has durability issues. It may not last for long.

5. GAME 4714 Solar Pool Heater For Intex And Bestway Above Ground Pools

Above ground pool, solar heaters are quite energy-efficient and they help you make savings on energy. All you need to do is find a right place to place the solar panel and then you can enjoy the warm water.

But what are the other features that you’ll get from this solar pool heater?

Energy efficient equipment is becoming popular by the day. In contemporary society, solar powered equipment is increasing in the market. As a result, solar energy is the way to go when buying equipment.

Most importantly, solar powered pool heaters are environmentally friendly, and they do not have any emissions. Therefore, you have a piece of mind that whatever you are using is not having any adverse effect on the environment.

The solar water heater increases the temperature of the water by 5 degrees between 3 and five days. However, it depends on the size of the pool. The bigger it is, the longer it will take.

We must also mention that GAME Solar Pool Heater is from a reliable brand. Mostly, this company has sufficient experience in making different varieties of pool heaters. Therefore, you can expect to get a reliable solar water heater. And to demonstrate their efficiency, the pool heater has an innovative design. It is compact and unique.

One of the highlight features associated with this solar powered pool heater is that it is effective on any size of the above ground pool. In other words, you can use it on a variety of above ground pool sizes without using any additional adaptors.

The solar water heater is easy to install because there is no additional equipment needed to connect to gas or electricity. You can install by yourself without requiring professional help.

The solar water heater has an attractive compact design that does not take a lot of space. And unlike the other designs that most other solar heaters have, this is quite effective. It is space saving and useful as well.

We must also say that the design is aesthetically appealing. It will have your visitors admiring it as it works to heat the pool.

The solar water heater is not very efficient in comparison to other products on the market, and especially those that are propane or natural gas powered. Furthermore, some customers complain that the device has durability issues.

6. Pentair 460734 MasterTemp High-Performance Eco-Friendly Pool Heater

Some of the noticeable features regarding this above ground pool heater are its quiet operation and efficiency. It is also from a reliable brand that has deep roots in the market of pool heaters.

It is important to note that this above ground pool heater is effective. You can expect it to perform the tasks for which it is made.

Also, it is common knowledge that natural gas pool heaters are more effective than electricity and solar. They have a higher BTU than the others meaning that they heat a significant volume of water than their counterparts.

The pool heater is also eco-friendly and has no emissions that are detrimental to the environment. The device is also compact and quiet, which are other elements that make it desirable for most people. That means it will not take a lot of space and will not make a significant amount of noise that can be irritating to some people.

The capacity of the heater is 300,000 BTU, which is sufficient for quickly heating of the water in most above ground pools. It is powerful enough for the task of heating the pool water. The cupro-nickel exchanger is another source of efficiency. As a result, you no longer have any reason not to enjoy the pool water in the evenings.

The water heater has a robust rust-proof body that protects the machine from the elements. The sturdy body also ensures safety and reliability.

The device is easy to use and comes with user-friendly controls. In the majority of cases, user-friendly controls are icing on the cake when it comes to buying products. Most of the contemporary devices have user-friendly controls that make it appealing to use the device.

Another feature that you do not get from other devices is the rotating digital screen for easy viewing. As a result, you can rotate it as is necessary or according to your comfort and preference.

You will find the indicator lights user-friendly as they help you control the machine. They keep you informed of the status of the device.

7. Hayward HP50HA  HeatPro Titanium 45,000 BTU: Best Electric Above Ground Pool Heater

The two features that make Hayward hp50ha water heater standout is the quiet operation and efficiency. It is also one of the most durable on the market.

45,000 BTU is a decent capacity to handle the various above ground pool heating needs. But as you are aware, BTU alone is not sufficient to determine the efficiency of a heat pump. Of course, other elements make this pool heater efficient.

For example, it comes with a titanium heat exchanger. As a result, it is durable and efficient at the same time. Efficiency and durability are two essential features that a reliable water heater should have.

The water heater has several elements that make it one of the most durable on the market. For example, you will not find any other device with a titanium heat exchanger. For your information, titanium is a durable metal. In fact, it is one of the most durable.

The titanium heat exchanger is efficient in heat transfer and operation. More importantly, it is reliable and efficient.

The body panels are UV-resistant and injection-molded for optimal durability. As a result, the body is resistant to deterioration and corrosion. It is critical that our water heater is rust-resistant as it will be functioning around the pool and of course moisture.

Other features include the scroll compressors that are heavy duty and super quiet. It also has stainless steel hardware that adds to the durability and strength of the machine.

And to protect the coil from damage, the above ground pool heater comes with polyethylene screen. It is worth mentioning that other devices on the market do not place much importance on the availability of polyethylene screen.

You will notice that the heat pumps are compact and lightweight. You can move them around to wherever you want them. Essentially, portability is an essential element when it comes to water heaters.

The device is also easy to install, and it does not take a lot of time to do it. You only need a few minutes, and the system will be hitting the pool water in no time. I find machines that are easy to install to be a blessing. Installation can be a source of headache and disappointment.

There are several customer complaints regarding the company’s customer care. It may need an overhaul. Furthermore, there are a few issues regarding durability. Some users say that it does not last.

8. SmartPool SunHeater-Solar Heating System

The first thing you notice the first time you lay eyes on this product is the size. The solar heating system is sizeable. According to the company, the significant size demonstrates efficiency in collecting heat energy. So, what are the other features that this machine has? Is it worth the investment?

When it comes to solar panels, the size of the surface area is a critical factor. In some cases, the larger the surface area, the more efficient it is going to collect the solar energy.

SmartPool SunHeater-Solar Heating System is not short of surface area, and it is as efficient as possible. The big surface area allows the optimal collection of solar energy and converts it to heat energy.

The solar heating system uses a simple design where water passes through the pipes to the device and gets heated before it returns. The system is efficient than some of the products on the market. It is easy to understand, and installation is not that hard.

Some skeptics argue that solar heating systems are not as effective as propane or natural gas. And even though that may be the truth, SunHeater is another brand that makes quality heaters. Therefore, this water heater may be useful in a way that matches its counterparts.

They are associated shortcomings, but in comparison to the other solar water heaters, we can say that this product is among the best. That is pretty much clear from the various customer reviews.

Durability is one of the most important features that can determine whether one product is better than the other. A durable product is cost saving and does not require a lot of care. Naturally, a device with a tough shell is also easy to maintain.

Specifically, the solar water heater has durable polypropylene material that is sufficiently tough to withstand the elements and ensure that you enjoy its use for a long time.

However, you should be careful when shopping because there are products with fake polypropylene material on the market.

Some of the systems in this review are not easy to install by yourself. In contrast, this solar heating system does not have any complicated settings or parts. You can install the system by yourself, and you will enjoy using it.

Unfortunately, this is not what you can call a compact device. It needs some space for installation, and it may not be ideal for some areas.

Some users complain that it may not be as efficient as some of the others on the market. Regardless, it is a decent acquisition, especially for those that want an eco-friendly and cost-effective solar heating system.

9.Hayward HP21404T Heat Pump: Best Electric Pool Heat Pump

Hayward HP21404T has a distinctive square design that most people will consider attractive. Some people may argue that aesthetic appeal is not essential when it comes to water heaters. However, that is not the case for the majority of people. We all appreciate something that is beautiful in addition to demonstrating optimal functionality.

There’s so much that you can talk about the design of this water heater. Of course, we find it quite attractive. However, the most important thing is its efficiency.

If you allow us to talk about the brand, all we can say is that it is one of the most reliable when it comes to heat pumps and above ground water heaters. And of course, it is one of the most functional heat pumps that you will find out there.

Search features as the profiled fan blade and acoustic compressor cover make this heat pump quite efficient. Furthermore, these elements are the primary sources of quiet operation that most people find attractive. A little silence is vital to the overall operation of the machine.

The scroll compressors are quiet and efficient. They are heavy duty as well to withstand constant use. And with a capacity of 140,000 BTU, it is easily one of the best heat pumps that you can acquire for your pool.

The evaporator on this machine is corrosion resistant. As a result, it is quite durable and low maintenance. You will be using it for a long time without issues that characterize other systems.

You will also love the titanium heat exchanger that is not only efficient but also one of the most durable. It is highly efficient regarding heat transfer and adds a high level of durability.

The injection molded body is UV resistant for durability and efficiency. It is also resistant to deterioration and corrosion. The main problem for most water heaters on the market is rusting and corrosion.

You will also notice that the other hardware is stainless steel. Therefore, you will not have any problem regarding durability and rusting. And to protect the evaporator coil and ensure maximum efficiency, the machine features a polyethylene screen.

One of the main shortcomings of this machine is that it is quite expensive. You will need to have a deep purse to afford it. Furthermore, the installation may not be the easiest for some people. The machine is also quite heavy compared to the others on the market. Therefore, moving it from one place to the other may not be an easy task.

10. SmartPool S240U Universal Sun Heater

SmartPool is a brand from the United States, and it is reliable. It is important to note that companies in the United States adhere to a high level of manufacturing standards.

Therefore, you can expect the solar heater from SmartPool to be one of the best. The following are some of the features that are worth highlighting.

All the components in SmartPool Sunheater are durable and above-board. But what do you expect from a company that adheres to a high level of manufacturing standards? It is undoubtedly durable, and it will heat your pool for a long time.

The polypropylene heat collector is quite durable and functional. Also, the hose clamps are stainless steel, and they are corrosion resistant. Other components that demonstrate the durability of the equipment includes the rubber connector hose.

The installation process of this solar system is effortless. The accompanying manual is trilingual, and it is easy to follow. It will guide you through the process, and the whole process will seem like a walk in the park.

There are no complicated steps or parts that can leave you stranded.

Cost-Effective and Easy to Use:

The solar heating system is cost-effective and does not require a lot of additional components to set it up. Everything that you need comes with the product. Furthermore, it is cost-effective in the fact that it is budget friendly and does not need other sources of energy such as gas or electricity.

The only thing that this system needs is access to sufficient sunlight. With that, you get access to cheap energy to heat the pool. The sun is a natural resource that does not cost you anything. The only drawback is that changing weather conditions may affect sun energy collection.

It is lightweight, and you can move it from one place to the other as is necessary. Sometimes, you will need to move the solar heating system depending on certain factors such as the weather. Massive machine can be problematic for some people.

For example, the elderly or those people that are recovering from some injury or disease may not have the strength to move the equipment. Therefore, the weight of the product is an essential factor.

The solar heating system is multi-functional, and you can use it both on above ground pools as well as in-ground pools. It is efficient and allows you to raise the water temperature between 6 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

One associated drawback is that the system largely depends on the weather conditions. When the conditions are unfavorable, the system may not collect sufficient energy to heat the pool.

11. FibroPool FH055 In Ground Swimming Pool Heater : Best Above Ground Pool Heat Pump

The pool heater may not be very popular, but it sure boasts some of the best features on the market. For example, it has a titanium heat exchanger which is quite durable as well as other features that you will typically find in another top of the range pool heaters.

Compact and Attractive Design:

You will probably notice that is this device has a compact and attractive design. Essentially, it is entirely different from some of its competitors on the market.

As a result, it is such a sight when it is working. Everybody will appreciate something that is attractive and functional. In particular, FibroPool FH055 has a slim design which ensures that it is space saving. You will also notice that the device easily assimilates with the other pool devices and it will not look out of place.

FibroPool FH055 is a durable swimming pool heater that has quality and rust resistant components that contribute to its durability. For example, it features a titanium heat exchanger that ensures efficient heat transfer and durability.

It comes with an enamel coated case to protect the inside components, and you can use it for a significant amount of time.

It is a large capacity heater that will prove useful with heating the pool water. Even better, it is versatile, and it can deal with both the in-ground and above ground pools.

The pool heater is one of the most energy efficient with up to COP of 5.92. The device runs on a 220-volt circuit for efficiency.

It is Easy to Use and Install:

Such features as the controller and digital Make this machine easy to control. Typically, there’s nothing complicated about this machine. Everything is self-explanatory.

Furthermore, installation is not a hard thing to do. Some equipment on the market may have all the features and be aesthetically appealing, but they are not easy to use.

And with such components as 1 1/2” compression fittings, the water heater is easy to install. It comes with everything that you will need to fix it.

It will only take you about 30 minutes to install the device and use it.

The customer care of the company may need to improve. Furthermore, there are a few complaints about damaged products during shipping.

Why Do You Need An Above Ground Swimming Pool Heater?

Above-ground pool heaters are machines that raise the temperature of the above-ground pools and make the water hospitable for everyone. Sometimes, the temperature can drop to a temperature that makes it impossible to enjoy some time in the pool. It is at such a time that a pool heater comes in handy.

For example, you may want some time for relaxation after work. The pool is an excellent option for those that want to enjoy some time alone or with others.

Unfortunately, the temperature of the water in the pool is not always accommodating. But does that mean you cannot enjoy the pool when you need to just because the temperatures are not favorable?

The best above ground pool heater does a fantastic job of heating the pool water to the temperatures that are ideal for you. Furthermore, the heater allows you to extend the swimming season late into the summer or early spring.

Research shows that swimming has a host of cardiovascular benefits. The pools also make it easier to tone your muscles. Therefore, nothing should come in between you and the above ground pool. That includes unfavorable temperatures.

Before going to choose a pool heater you should have decent knowledge about the types of pool heater available in the market. In general, there’re 3 types of pool heating system.

They’re- Electric pool heater or heat pump, Gas, and solar pool heater. The main difference between them is, the power source they use to heat a swimming pool. Each of them has their own pros and cons. Let’s discuss about each type of pool heater.

1. Electric Pool Heaters:

Electric pool heaters are the most efficient type of pool heater. This is a pump system that works by pulling outside ambient temperature to heat up the pool water. It’s also an eco- friendly process since it doesn’t use gas or any other natural resources.

An electric heat pump can produce sufficient amount of heat in less time that can raise your pool water temperature. In comparison to gas and solar heater, they’re easier to install and more cost effective to run.

Installation cost of an electric heat pump: $2,500 to $5,000 on average

Cost per month: $2,500 to $5,000 on average

2.Gas Pool Heaters:

To run a gas pool heater, you can use either natural gas or propane gas. If the gas pool heater connected to your natural gas line, your utility cost will be higher than expected. If you choose to use a propane gas you need to setup a propane tank in your backyard.

The best things of a gas pool heater is that they’re very quick when it comes to heat your pool water. They can raise your pool water temperature up to 219°F if you want. Therefore you can be swimming in a matter of hours. A gas pool heater could be a great choice if you swim occasionally.

Installation cost of a gas pool heater: $1,500 to $6,000

Cost per month: $200-$300 (Natural gas)

3.Solar Pool Heaters:

As the name implies solar pool heater uses solar power to heat the pool water. To use a solar pool heater you need to install solar panel near the swimming pool. The panels absorb the heat directly from the sun and then it transfer the heat to the water. The whole setup process might be complicated but the system is definitely the most eco-friendly way to heat your pool.

However, there’re few drawbacks of this system. Firstly, it may heat water slowly. Secondly, you’ve to depend upon the sun.

Installation cost of a solar pool heater: $2000 to $8,000

Cost per month: No monthly maintaining cost is required!

What Type Of Pool Heater Should I Choose?

Honestly speaking, it depends on where you live. As we’ve mentioned earlier, few pool heating system depend on local resources to run, like- sunlight, air temperature etc.

So, if you’re live in an area that does not get enough sunlight we recommend to choose an electric pool heater or a gas pool heater. However, you need to keep in mind that, an electric heat pump can’t work properly if the ambient temperature is less than 55°F.

Pro tips: No matter what pool heating system you use in your pool we recommend to use a pool cover to keep the heat in.

What To Look For In The Best Above Ground Pool Heater?

Shopping for particular devices, especially the above ground pool heater is never easy. Ask anyone that has been buying for the device, and they will tell you how difficult it is. It is never a walk in the park, as some folks will tell you.

But does that mean you cannot find the best machine to heat the pool without getting some professional recommendation?

Your guess is as good as mine. You do not need a professional recommendation to get the best device to heat your above ground pool.

The following are some of the factors to consider when choosing an above-ground pool heater.

Heating Options:

There are various heating options that you can choose from when choosing an above ground pool heater. These options include natural gas, propane, electricity and solar.

Natural gas and propane heaters are quite reliable, and they effortlessly maintain the right temperature for a significant amount of time. Unfortunately, natural gas and propane heaters are quite expensive compared to the other types of fuels.

On the other hand, electricity is cost-effective and reliable. It is also convenient, and all you need to do is switch on the heater by plugging and switching it on. Solar is also another great option, and it is quite cost-effective.

Best Above Ground Pool Solar Heater

A Solar Heating System For Above Ground Swimming Pool

However, solar powered heaters only work when there is a significant amount of sunlight.

The Size Of The Pool Surface:

The size of the pool is critical determinant the type of pool heater that is most appropriate for you.

Solar Pool Heater Sizing:

If you have a large pool, a solar heater may not be sufficient. You may need several units to do it successfully, and that is of course, not cost effective.

To use a solar pool heating system, the size of the solar panels should be at least 50% of the size of your pool area. However, if you live in a cooler region, the panel size must be at least 80% of the total pool surface.

Gas Pool Heater Sizing:

On the other hand, if you are using natural gas or propane, you will need to check BTU units. The higher it is, the better it is for you. But that is only if you have a big pool.

On the other hand, if you are using natural gas or propane, you will need to check BTU units. The higher it is, the better it is for you. But that is only if you have a big pool. Generally, a 50,000 BTU heater is enough to heat a 10,000 gallons swimming pool.

N.B: All pool heaters are measured in BTU (British thermal units) unit.

Electric Pool Heater Sizing:

The sizing of an electric pool heat pump is not that complicated. You should have the information of 4 basic things: 1. The width of the pool surface 2. The height of the pool water surface 3. the ambient temperature of your region. 4. average coldest month temperature

Next follow the formula given below. The result would give you the required BTU unit of your heat pump.

[length of pool x width of pool] x [average coldest month temperature – desired pool temperature] x 12

Ideally, always check the specifications before purchasing the heater. You’ll get a good idea as to the pound or amount of water the gas heater can handle appropriately.

The following video will help you to select a gas heater for your pool:

Installation Needs:

There are different models in the market, and they have different installation needs. Some are easy to install, but others need professionals. To avoid embarrassment, determine whether you can install the machine yourself or you need a professional to do it.

It is important to note that professional installation is an extra expense and therefore it adds to the cost of the unit. Therefore, consider the price of the unit as well as the cost of installation. To avoid problems, don’t attempt to install a unit that needs professionals.

However, if it does not need professional installation, then make sure to follow the instructions to the letter. Efficiency and safety are two factors that depend on how well you install the machinery.

Control Panel:

It is also essential to determine the type of control panel that is unit has. Contemporary pool heaters come with a digital dashboard that makes control effortless. In other words, it is quite easy for you to control it with the digital panel.

Even better, the devices that come with a digital panel also have a temperature monitor. The temperature monitor is one of the most important features that help achieve efficiency and of course, safety. You get the right temperature with minimal effort.

Reliable Brand:

In the olden times, a good name is better than anything. The same principle also applies to the market. In other words, brands that have a good reputation are most likely to produce quality products. As they say, one good turn deserves another. The respected brands have perfected the art of creating excellent products, and they are less likely to disappoint.

In that regard, the best above pool water heater may come from a well-known brand. It is especially critical if you are buying the equipment for the first time. You don’t have sufficient knowledge to choose between the products and land the most efficient and quality. Therefore, a trusted brand is the easiest way to get the ideal machine.

Heating Capacity:

The heating capacity of a particular pool water heater determines how effective it is in holding heat and transferring it to the water. The standard units used are the British Thermal Units.

In comparison to the inground pool water heaters, the above-ground water heaters have lower BTUs. The main reason for this is that the inground pools are a lot bigger than the above-ground pools. Therefore, it makes sense that the inground pool water heaters have a lower capacity than their counterparts.

Regardless, it is always ideal to choose a machine that has a decent heating capacity, most appropriately, the pool water heater with stable and efficient BTUs.

Typically, the higher the BTU rating, the faster the heaters are going to heat the pool.

Final Note:

The best above ground pool heater is one of the most excellent equipment that any above-ground pool owner can have. Specifically, the pool heater makes the pool water warm or the temperatures that you find comfortable for a relaxing moment any time of the day. Unfortunately, it is not all pool heaters that are good quality, and have the best features to heat the pool water appropriately.

All the above machines are some of the best in the market, and you will not go wrong choosing any of them. You deserve quality equipment to improve the quality of your life. As someone says, enjoy life through simple things like having some time alone for meditation inside warm or hot pool water, and you will be happier.

FAQ’s Of Above Ground Pool Heater

Q1: Are Above Ground Pool Heater Worth It?

Ans: Definitely, A quality pool heater can help you to extend your swimming pool season by keeping your pool water warm during those winter days. However, you need to be very smart when selecting a pool heater. Generally, investing in a pool heat pump will be a great decision as these are more durable and will be last longer than the gas pool heater.

If you want to save money by minimizing your energy cost then you should go for a solar pool heating system. These are environment friendly and will cost $3000 to $4000 to buy and setup according to Energy.Gov . Generally, they will payback within 2-7 years.

Q2: Can You Put A Heater On An Above Ground Pool?

Ans: Yes, you can put a heater on your above ground pool to raise your pool water temperature. However, you may need to determine your above ground pool structure before installing a heater. If your above ground pool is permanently installed, you may use an electric or gas pool heater. If not, we recommend to use a solar heating system or a liquid heat blanket.

Q3: How Long Can Above Ground Pool Heaters Last?

Ans: Well it depends on the type of pool heater. The lifespan of a solar pool heater is 12-15 years. A good quality electric pool heat pump can last up to 10 years. The lifespan of a gas pool heater is shorter than its rivals. With good care and maintenance a gas pool heater can last up to 5 years.

Q4: Do Solar Heaters Work For Above Ground Pools?

Ans: Of course they work really well to raise your pool water temperature. Not only they’re efficient but also eco friendly. However, their installation process is typically longer than counterparts.

Q5: How Can I Heat My Pool Cheaply?

Ans: If you are not like to spend couple of thousand $ to heat your pool, you may need to select a cost effective way. You can use a solar cover that can absorb solar heat and transfer that heat to the water. You can get a solar pool cover from your local pool equipment store that can costs between $30-$100.

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