Best Pool Vacuum For Leaves 2023: Reviews And Buying Guide

Negligence in times of maintaining the cleanliness of a swimming pool is a big NO. By all means, you must take serious steps to ensure its hygiene, especially by removing leaves, dirt, algae etc.

Using the best pool vacuum for leaves is, therefore, the smart way to clean up a swimming pool with less effort and time.

best pool vacuum for leaves

Depending upon the nature of your pool, you should make the right choice for a pool cleaner. Make sure the cleaner is compatible with your pool, whether it is a robotic, pressure-side or a suction pool cleaner.

So, it’s best if you can go through some of the best pool cleaners for leaves reviews so that you can take your decision and invest wisely.

Best Pool Cleaner For Leaves: Comparison

Best Pool Vacuum For Leaves Reviews

1. Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus: Best Robotic Pool Cleaner For Leaves, And Large Debris

If you are willing to take a bit of technological assistance in cleaning your pool, Nautilus CC Plus from the house of Dolphin will respond well.

It is a feature-rich yet easy-to-operate robotic pool cleaner that would give your pool a new look in quick time.

Why It’s Great:

Light in Weight and User-friendly:

Being a lightweight robotic pool cleaner, it involves user-friendly operations that will give swimming pool owners the pleasure to run it. With a simple plug and play feature, it assures to fetch you optimal results in cleaning owing to its advanced scanning technology and powerful suction. Besides, it takes just a couple of hours to scrub and vacuum the walls, floor, and the bottom of the pool.

It does not require maintenance like other pool cleaners. Also, it requires no booster pump and neither does it need help of any hoses. A smart pick for 21st-century swimming pool owners, Dolphin Nautilus CC is even quite easier to clean and this accounts a good deal to its maintenance.

Dolphin Nautilus CC is equipped with dual scrubbing brushes that remove all leaves completely along with leaves, twigs dirt, acorns and large debris.

What could be worthier than buying a robotic pool cleaner that assures to keep your bills in check? In fact, this robotic cleaner is more energy-efficient in comparison to pressure and suction-side pool cleaners. Every time you clean your pool with this cleaner, there will be minimal energy consumption.

Cleans the pool quite efficiently for about an hour or so. Thereafter, it stops playing its part. Small debris and sand are often left to be cleaned.

If you are, therefore, expecting an incredible performance in terms of pool cleaning, Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus will do complete justice and will prove to be worth the money and effort behind using it.

2. Polaris 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner: Best Inground Pool Cleaner For Leaves

Now experience a blend of innovation and technology in this hot and happening pool cleaner, Polaris Vac-Sweep 360.

Feature-rich, advanced and efficient, this pressure pool cleaner will not take much time cleaning the pool.

Why It’s Great?

Cleaning time is so less:

In today’s world, making time is always a challenge for homeowners. But Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 has a different story to tell.

Designed with a modernized mechanism, this pool cleaner can clean up a swimming pool in just three hours and that also without taking help of a booster pump. It uses the existing pool water pressure to run though out the pool.

What makes it more powerful and efficient is its support from a pool circulation pump. Since it is accompanied with triple jets, the pool gets cleaned so quickly.

Unmatched vacuuming ability:

Polaris 360 scores high in another major aspect, which is none other than taking up all types of debris from the bottom of the pool. Be it pebbles, or large volumes of leaves or tiny particles, all are sure to get wiped off with the help of this excellent pool cleaner.

This is undoubtedly one of the best pool cleaner for heavy leaf debris, acorns and twigs.

Moreover, it would clean the corners and even the stairs of the inground pool so well. When the debris is completely taken up, it is all dumped directly into the single chamber filter bag.

Works well in varying in-ground pools:

What makes Polaris 360 pool vacuum stand out is its flawless ability to move in almost every in-ground pool. Whether it is fiberglass or vinyl, it glides smoothly and never gets stuck.  For connecting to a fixed suction line, it hardly takes time. So, it doesn’t matter what type of pool you have, just bring Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 and witness its magical performance.

Safe and Easy to Maintain:

Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 features a robust design that serves as an advantage in terms of pool cleaning. As it has been provided with a strong filter, it stops any type of pebbles from hitting the device. In other words, it promises full-fledged safety for the users. The best things of this unit is that, you don’t require any booster pump to run this cleaner.

As per some users, it is not capable enough to filter fine debris. Consequently, the cleaning done is not satisfactory. Another limitation is that, this pool cleaner only works in an inground pool.

Highly recommended for sucking up most of the pool debris (incl. large leaves, dead algae) from the pool bottom.

3. Hayward AquaNaut 400: Best Suction Pool Cleaner For Large Leaves

The Hayward Aquanaut 400 is our recommended suction pool cleaner for large leaves and debris. It features a bunch of exceptional features for vacuuming large debris from in ground pools with deep end. Let’s find out what makes it a great pick for pool owners.

Why We Love It:

The best thing of this Hayward pool cleaner is the quick installation process. You can effortlessly connect this unit with your pools dedication suction line. The hoses are also easy to connect with each other. The whole process hardly takes 30 minutes.

Effective for all size of debris:

Unlike other suction pool cleaners the Hayward W3PHS41CST can effectively remove all types and sizes of pool debris. This super reliable cleaner is equipped with a patented V-shaped turbine that eliminates clogging by allowing large leaves and debris to pass through the cleaner.

Besides, it comes with 3 different suction inlet for capturing different types of debris. This feature makes it standout from other automatic suction pool cleaners.

Another great thing about this automatic pool cleaner is that, it always maintain optimal suction power even on an uneven pool surface. This ensure an efficient cleanup of your pool without missing any spots.

Works with variable speed of pump:

This Aquanaut 400 model is designed to work with variable speed of pool pumps. This is the reason why most of the pool owners are recommending this model. The three different size of suction inlet enable the cleaner to work effectively with lower and higher flow of water.

Never gets stuck in corners:

Getting stuck in corners is one of the most common complains about pool cleaners. However, the Aquanaut is not like that. It features turn cycle to avoid getting stuck in corners. On top of that, the patented tire treads allow it to maneuver freely across the pool surface without any obstacles.

Climbing wall is probably the most challenging part of this pool cleaner. However, it’s able to climb onto the bottom drain covers.

This suction pool cleaner is suitable for large in ground swimming pool upto 40,000 gallons. It’s also a great choice for 8 feet or deeper pools.

4. Zodiac BARACUDA G3 Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

Good news for pool owners as here comes an outstanding pool cleaning solution in the name of Zodiac Baracuda G3. With a super suction power, this suction side pool cleaner works quite flexible with pool pumps of different speeds.

This is surely one big aspect as to why this new-age pool cleaner from Zodiac has earned praises from far and wide. Besides, Zodiac Baracuda G3 boasts of other features that are worth considering.

Why We Love It:

Cleans the pool efficiently:

For being equipped with FlowKeeper Valve, it regulates the water flow automatically that takes its cleaning performance to the zenith. Even it is made to run with pool pump of minimal horsepower, it would still not leave you disappointed. It creates powerful suction that efficiently draws most of the dirt and debris from the pool surface.

Saves a good amount of energy:

Once you bring home Zodiac Baracuda G3, you will not have to worry about paying high utility bills. Apart from being rich in technology, this inground pool cleaner is extremely energy-efficient that makes it worth every penny you spend.

You don’t require to install a booster pump with this suction side cleaner. This will save you from investing a good amount of money.

Cleans hard-to-reach corners:

A striking feature that makes Zodiac Baracuda G3 stand out from others is its wheel deflector. This works wonders in letting the pool cleaner reach the most difficult corners and clean them properly. So, no matter how difficult it becomes to access the most complex corners, this pool cleaner will get this job done in style.

Keeps pool surface free of scuffs:

Zodiac Baracuda G3 is good enough to keep the pool surfaces away from all sorts of scuffs. This is a reason why it has been provided with a super durable hose that will keep all scuffs at bay. As a result, the pool looks much cleaner than what you will expect.

Does not get stuck while moving:

Supported by a 36-Fin Disc, this suction-side pool cleaner enhances the level of adhesion to the surface of the pool, making way easily through drain covers, fittings, lights and so on. This lets it perform smoothly without facing any sort of obstruction.

Fails to make way to the pool’s shallow corners that require a good deal of cleaning. Sometimes, it gets stuck and doesn’t move.

5. Dolphin Premier: Best Pool Vacuum For Large Leaves And Debris

Science and technology have undergone rapid growth in the world of robotic pool cleaners, and Dolphin Premier robotic cleaner comes as a piece of evidence in this respect.

This robotic pool cleaner comprises four different media in one robot, that is, standard cartridges, micro-cartridges, filter bag that is oversized, and also debris bags that are disposable.

Why We Love It:

Navigates around the pool brilliantly:

Installed with Smart-Nav software that gets controlled by a microprocessor, it scans thoroughly and achieves an excellent pool coverage. This lets the robotic cleaner to clean every nook and corner of the pool and wipe off all dirt, dust, large debris and leaves.

It even features a large filter bag to capture large twigs, acorns and leaves and an ultra fine filter bag for sand and small debris. As like our 2nd best choice, this is also one of the best inground pool cleaners for leaves, pine needles and gum leaves.

Operates with no tangles at all:

Hats off to its mind-blowing swivel system that leads to 360-degree rotation and makes it move without getting tangled. Engineered with a fabulous mechanism, this robotic pool cleaner has emerged to be among the best in the lot.

Cleans up the bottom of the pool thoroughly:

Dolphin premier pool robot has been provided with dual scrubbing brushes. With these, it becomes easier for the pool surface to get scrubbed thoroughly. Most importantly, the cleaning here is done deep down the bottom, which actually serves the purpose.

Sporting a solid construction, Dolphin premier scores high in terms of durability. It is neither pro-rated nor limited to cycles and hours that makes it quite a reliable pool cleaner of the 21st century. It’s also very easy to use.

Saves a good amount of energy:

As Dolphin premier pool vac is made to run on the latest commercial grade DC motors, energy gets reduced by up to 87%. So, you can expect to pay a nominal electricity bill every month even if you keep it on for a few hours throughout the day.

The most talked-about swivel sometimes fails drastically. As a result, it heavily affects the cleaning performance. If you are looking for an above ground pool vacuum for leaves, then just skip it.  It works for In-ground pools only.

6. Dolphin Escape: Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum For Leaves

If you’re looking for the best pool leaf vacuum for your above ground pool, than we highly recommend to consider the Dolphin Escape.

This robotic pool cleaner features smart scanning system and dual scrubbing brushes that effectively remove algae and other build ups in your pool.

This pool robot is able to clean an above ground pool of up to 30 ft without missing any spots. It can even climb the wall of your above ground pool for a thorough cleaning. It also does a great job of cleaning ladder, waterline and main drain of your pool.

This Dolphin pool cleaner even includes a large debris filter bag that can hold a decent amount of leaves, twigs, acorns etc. The filter bag is easily accessible from the top of the unit. However, the filter is not that effective to pick up tiny particles.

Reviewers love this unit because of its ease of use and superior scrubbing power. However few people are disappointed with the unit since it has no ultra-fine filter for fine dust.

  • It delivers a good pool coverage without any missing spots
  • Powerful scrubbing brushes are very effective for algae
  • The large filter bag is very useful for pool with a lot of leaves
  • It can climb wall and water line
  • Lightweight and easy to clean pool cleaner
  • Not a best option for ultra fine debris
  • No remote control option available

7. Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

Rich in technology, Polaris 9550 is no doubt a stunner among the best pool robot for leaves. A noteworthy pick for modern pool owner, this pool cleaner mimics the look of a sports car.

It has 4 robust wheels designed to move smoothly in all types of surfaces.

Why We Love It:

The Vortex Vacuum Technology pulls in debris four times faster when compared to other cleaners. Moreover, its 4WD technology assures to clean the walls and floors of the pool thoroughly. So, where Polaris 9550 takes no time in pulling up debris of all sorts, it’s certainly worth investing in.

Cleans all pool surfaces:

Featuring the 7-day programmable cleaning cycle, Polaris 9550 acquires the power to clean all sorts of pool surfaces. Its performance is simply beyond comparison that makes it a high on demand among pool owners. It’s also incredibly easy to use.

Navigates the entire pool:

ActivMotion Sensor Technology makes Polaris 9550 a brilliant pool cleaning device to lay hands on. With such an advanced feature, it rightly tracks as to what position it takes exactly in the pool.

To be more precise, it can make way to your most desired spot wherever you wish to take it in the entire pool. Even the power cord is long enough to cover a large swimming pool without getting tangled.

The more compact a pool cleaner, the better it is in terms of cleaning and easier in terms of maintenance. Polaris 9550 qualifies all these aspects and most importantly, it looks quite trendy. So, those who have been on the lookout for smart yet effective pool cleaners will definitely call it eye-catching.

The fine dust particles are spread all over by the cleaner at the end. So, the cleaning mostly seems to be incomplete.

8. Dolphin Triton Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

Did you ever think of operating a pool cleaner through your smartphone? Yes, Dolphin now makes this possible through its Triton Plus robotic pool cleaner that will now let you clean the dirtiest of pools without taking any effort.

What’s cool about this smart robotic cleaner is that it can be operated by means of a remote control.

Why We Love It:

Tracking dirty areas through Bluetooth:

Isn’t it interesting to utilize such a robotic pool cleaner that demands the use of Bluetooth in order to track dirty spots in the pool? If you have a smartphone, accessing this feature will not be a challenge for you.

One of the reasons why a pool cleaner should be light in weight is because of its capacity to extract water without any effort. Polaris 9550 does this exactly as it is 50% lighter in comparison to other models.

Cleans walls and waterline perfectly:

What lends it a very powerful grip on all vertical surfaces in the pool is its Power Stream Technology. As a result, it does a wonderful job in keeping both the walls and waterline a clean as possible with the help of dual scrubbing brushes.

Wipes off leaves, algae, dirt and debris:

For possessing top-quality filters, Dolphin Triton Plus takes no time to clear dirt, dust, algae and leaves off the water. As a result, the water regains freshness and makes it ready for others to swim safely.

Fortunately, Dolphin Triton Plus involves no hassles in maintenance. With a huge filter capacity, it is also quite easy to clean, reload and even rinse.

Cleaning is not done up to the mark. After the cleaner does its job, a little bit of cleaning still needs to be done by the user.

9. Hayward RC9740 SharkVac Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner: Best Pool Leaf Vacuum

While cleaning a pool is essential, saving on utility bills is also a priority. To keep both things balanced, here comes Hayward RC9740 SharkVac, a powerful and energy-efficient pool cleaner.

It operates without any annoying sound. Rather it glides across the pool, covering every nook and corner by cleaning leaves, twigs etc.

Why We Love It:

As far as its design goes, it has a sleek body with filter cartridges and top access debris chamber. All these together play a key role in sucking up all types of debris, making it an ideal choice for the majority of pool owners today.

One of the noteworthy aspects of Hayward RC9740 is that it does not take long to set up. Moreover, this automatic robotic pool cleaner does not require the use of any sort of external tools.

With a microprocessor-based mechanism, this automatic pool cleaner sets superior standards when it comes to vacuuming and scrubbing pool floors.

Hayward RC9740 is not good for cleaning in-ground pools or lake shaped ones with sloping sides. Also, the wires are often found tangling.

How To Get Rid Of Leaves From Pool Water?

Leaves in swimming pool

If your swimming pool situated near a tree or vegetation, chances are high that the water gets a lot of leaves into it. So how do you get rid of those leaf? Should you use a pool leaf rake or a pool vacuum for leaves?

Well it depends on the amount of leaves in your pool water. Let’s discuss them in brief:

How To Clean A Pool Full Of Leaves?

If there’re a lot of leaves set at the bottom of the pool, then we highly recommend to use a pool leaf rake or a leaf eater. These cleaning tools are very effective for heavy leaf debris and acorns. If you don’t know the process of using a pool leaf eater than watch this video for a step by step process of cleaning leaves.

a pool leaf rack

You can also invest in a high quality manual pool leaf vacuum cleaner to efficiently clean out those large leaves and dirt. The best thing about using a pool leaf vacuum is that, you can use your garden hose with these units for creating suction.

Apart from a garden hose you’ll need to get a telescopic pole to drive the pool leaf vacuum throughout the pool water. Watch the following video for details:

How To Remove Moderate Amount Of Leaves?

If your pool has a few amount of leaves then a pool leaf vacuum cleaner will do just fine. A pressure side pool cleaner like- Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 or a robotic pool cleaner like- Dolphin Nautilus CC can be a good vacuum to use.

The best thing about these self-propelled pool cleaner is that, they don’t need any human intervention. They work efficiently to get a best result in no time. You can also use a manual pool cleaner or a suction cleaner to remove those leaves.

How Can I Remove Leaves From The Bottom Of My Pool?

The best way to remove leaves from the bottom of pool is using a pool robot. These cleaning devices are very efficient at cleaning pool bottom in a very short time. If you’re looking for a more cost effective way then, you should use a pool leaf vacuum cleaner as previously described .

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Pool Cleaner For Leaves:

There are diverse models available for pool vacuum cleaners designed to eliminate leaves, dirt, and dust. Right from robotic to pressure-side pool cleaners, one can choose from any of these models to get the pool get rid of leaves.

However, it’s always great to consider the most essential things before buying the best pool leaf vacuum. Have a look:

1. Types Of Swimming Pool: In-Ground Or Above Ground

First, make sure what type of pool you have and what type of pool cleaner you should, therefore, need for cleaning it up. Do not judge a pool cleaner by its popularity in the market. Rather, be wise in ensuring whether it would be able to do the cleaning properly.

There’re pool vacuums out there that only work in an above ground pools where few models work best for inground pools. So, consider these things when shopping for pool cleaners for leaves.

2. Types Of Pool Cleaner: Suction Side Vs Pressure Side Vs Robotic:

Basically, there’re 4 different types of pool cleaners for leaves available on the market right now. They’re, Manual, Robotic, Pressure side, suction side pool vacuum cleaner. Manual pool vacuums require manual approach to clean a pool.

Pressure Side Pool Cleaner:

A pressure pool cleaner uses the water pressure from a booster pump to move along the side and the pool bottom. The water pressure helps the cleaner to move around the pool water. You can also connect it to a return outlet of your pool filtration system to drive.

I highly recommend pressure side pool cleaner for large debris and leaves. They’re also so durable and efficient. Furthermore, they has a self contained filter system that prevents the dirt moving towards your pool filter.

It’s important to note that some pressure pool cleaner require a booster pump to work optimally. Like- Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 pressure pool cleaner. The booster pump can significantly increase the water pressure so that the pool cleaner can move and pickup large debris.

If you already setup a booster pump in your swimming pool, make sure that the pool cleaner you’re going to buy is compatible with that.

Robotic Pool Cleaners:

a robotic pool leaf vacuum

Robotic pool cleaners are the most popular pool cleaning tools on the market. Because, they don’t use your existing pool pump or filter system to clean your pool water. Just plug them into a power outlet and they’re ready to go. I recommend this type of pool cleaners for those pool owners that are struggling with both small and large debris in their pool.

Suction Side Pool Cleaners:

Suction side pool cleaners are the budget friendly options. This kind of pool leaf vacuum require your pool filter system to run. These suction side cleaners can efficiently clean the bottom and sides of your walls through powerful suction. They work both in above ground or inground pool.

3. Capacity Of The Pool Cleaner:

The pool cleaner you will be buying should not only be confined to wiping off leaves. There are chances that your pool might scoop out more dirt, algae, and acorns. So, a pool cleaner you will be buying should be able to do a bit more like removing algae and pulling up dirt from every corner.

4. Pool Size And Hose Length:

Before buying a pool cleaner you should also consider the pool size. This is super important, because if the cleaners hose length is not long enough to reach each and every corner of your pool, then the cleaning would not be that great.

So, make sure the hose attachment can cover your entire pool area. However, if you choose a robotic cleaner then this should not be a matter of concern, because these pool robots work independently and without using any hose.

5. Pump Compatibility:

If you’ve a pool pump, then you should make sure whether your pool cleaner is compatible with the pump. There’re a few pool cleaners that only work with certain types of pool pumps flow rate. For ex. the Intex pool cleaner requires a pool pump of 1,600 – 4,000 GPH to work effectively. This is really a big consideration if you select a pressure or suction pool cleaner.

6. Your Budget:

Sometimes you need to let go of the budget. Believe it or not, if you think you are going to get the best by bringing the cheapest of cleaners, things probably might or might not work out.

Well, you can always pick the cheaper ones but that would not lessen your time for some additional work. The more you spend on a pool cleaner, the lesser is your effort and time. Despite, check the price as per its features and invest smartly.

Easiest Way To Clean Leaves Out Of Your Pool On A Budget:

If you are on a tight budget and cleaning leaves is the only challenge for you then the following video will help you to get rid of unwanted leafs from pool water on a budget.

Final Words:

So, have you found out what type of pool cleaner can stand compatible with your pool? Did you go through the best pool vacuum for leaves reviews and find out which cleaner should be best in cleaning your pool?

Well, almost every product in this world has its pros and cons. But it’s you who need to be wise in weighing your benefits more and let go a few cons.

However, investment can also matter, especially when you will be heading to buy a robotic one. But if you are willing to work less and spend more, automatic pool cleaners would be great. Otherwise, suction cleaners or the pressure ones will also not disappoint you, provided you are choosing the efficient ones.


Q1: Can I vacuum leaves out of pool?

Ans: Of-course, you can. But you need to follow the proper steps to completely remove leaves and dirt from your swimming pool. The good news is there are some quality pool cleaners available in the market that can help you to get a clean pool in no time.

You can use a leaf catcher to remove leaves from the pool surface. On the other hand, if you want to vacuum leaves from the bottom of your pool, then we highly recommend you to use an efficient pool cleaner like- Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 or Dolphin 2018. If you want to learn more about using a pool cleaner follow this resource.

Q2: Do robotic pool cleaners pick up leaves?

Ans: Of course, they do. In fact, a pool cleaning robot is able to clean other large pool debris as well without any human intervention. Robotic pool cleaners are equipped with large debris intake, advanced navigation, and good filtration system. Consequently, they can surface throughout the pool and their powerful suction draw small to large sized debris and leaves for a complete cleanup.

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