Biggest Takeaways and the Unexpected Red Theory

Are you familiar with the allure behind TikTok’s “unexpected red theory”? I was asked to weigh in along with some other colour experts you might know. See what I had to say about this colour mystery…

But first, learn to Create Your Dream Home with me in April!

Wow, I just finished up my first two-day Create Your Dream Home course with 120 homeowners from all over the world. What a fantastic group! 

If you’re still on the fence about joining the next class in April, I’d love to share what some of my students had to say about spending the last two days with me. 

Biggest takeaways from some of the participants!

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My favorite takeaway is having somewhat of a system and a process. I kept looking for answers on “how to do this” and I was coming up short. But this class helped solidify the process I was looking for. I’m not fully an artistic person, so I need this kind of system to help me move my vision forward.” ~ Katie

We’re in the middle of this complete house renovation and I’ve been collecting ideas and looking at pinterest and listening to friends and family. But I finally realized I’ve been putting aside the things that make me happy. Now, I feel like if I love green, I can decorate with green. Because now I know how to incorporate the colours I love. I’m so excited for this.” ~ Lisa

The repetition was so powerful for me in this class. And now, every room I walk into, I’m seeing the undertones in every piece of carpet, pillow, bedding, etc. And now I have the confidence to make decisions for myself.” ~ Andra

I’ve taken all of Maria’s courses and purchased her colour boards. Every time I do, I realize that Maria updates her courses so it’s super helpful to review over again. This won’t just be transforming your home, you’re going to start noticing the clothes you aren’t wearing in your wardrobe and now you’ll know why.” ~ Barbara

So many times I’ve recognized that something is wrong, but I didn’t know why. I’m so happy to have an explanation. Thank you so much for that!” ~ Heidi

I’m a colour scientist and have also worked as an interior designer, so I was very interested in a very different approach to colour. You’re exactly right, nobody teaches it the way you do and no one has it in such a pragmatic way. It bridges the gap from theory into practice!” ~Brady J.

I used to have a red couch and switched to neutral furniture and it didn’t make me happy.  Now I know how to apply your principles, find a piece of art or a pillow with colors I love. I’m so looking forward to adding a piece of furniture with a pop of colour.   I’ve had your colour wheel for awhile and it helped me determine the undertone of my current kitchen counters.  It was so rewarding.” ~ Samantha

But Maria, I don’t have a reno or new build project? Is this course for me? YES!!

You guys… it’s my passion to help everyone create a beautiful home that brings you JOY every time you walk in the door. 💛 I even got a little teary-eyed sharing this with the group yesterday. 🥺 #IYKYK

But, when I shared a few clips on Instagram, some of you mentioned to me that you didn’t think the Create Your Dream Home course was for you since you aren’t currently renovating or building… That makes me sad. Because, you know what we never stop doing – Decorating!!!

And this course is FULL of decorating tips and tricks that ANYONE can use in their home!

Let me say this again for the folks in the back: This course is so much more than choosing the right finishes for your project!!

Because, every decorating decision is also a colour decision. And understanding HOW colour works will help you get it right, whether you’re choosing a countertop or a paint colour or a even a new area rug for your living room. 

Homeowners: Sign Up Here

Design Professionals: Meet Me in Chicago

PS. Elle Decor USA reached out to see what I think of the viral ‘unexpected red theory’ TikTok video. Have you guys seen this?

Unexpected Red Theory on TikTok

Here’s what I told them…

First, I think it’s less of a colour theory moment and more that red has not been trending for quite a long time. I’ve spent many years pulling red out of people’s 80s dining rooms. 


Second, there’s something that I would call like a rebellious quirky eclectic moment that a lot of people want to add to their rooms right now. 


And finally, red is a strong colour. It’s just like black if you overdo it it’s just too much. So red generally looks better in smaller doses and adds drama quickly. And although I feel that this “one red item” seems to be getting a lot of press via TikTok you’ll notice in the video that’s circling, most of the rooms are repeating the red a couple more times.


Because [as those of you who just spent two days with me now know] that’s when an accent colour really does look the best. It’s just that you don’t need much of it to feel like there’s something exciting happening in the room. 

Here’s what Elle Decor included of my quote alongside a few other names you might know : 

Also, as I mentioned in my last post, the price of our colour boards can’t stay at what it is anymore all our costs have gone up and we haven’t raised the price since the beginning of the Pandemic, the prices will go up in the middle of March so if you have been looking at them, now is the time! 

If you don’t have any of the boards I recommend the Killam Colour System to start which are the neutrals in either collection you can see them all here.

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