Brian Hersch and Dave Price

January 22, 2024 | This month, Granger Construction Self-Perform team members gathered in the Lansing Headquarters Yard and Shop to celebrate years of service and upcoming retirements for Concrete Finisher Superintendent Brian Hersch and Foreman Dave Price.

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Brian Hersch joined Granger in July of 2019, working with the Granger team for 4.5 years. Dave Price initially joined Granger in January of 1996, working for 8 years, then returning to Granger again in 2019 for a total of 13 years with the company.

When asked about memorable projects from their Granger careers, both Brian and Dave noted they have enjoyed working on the current Gun Lake Casino Hotel concrete project, a 15-story, 252-room, Four-Diamond Hotel with a connecting six-story Aquadome that will feature a glassed-in structure to house three swimming pools. This project is one of the tallest and largest square footage concrete jobs Granger has helped build, and pours have required using one of the largest concrete pumps available in the United States, as well as a spider pump extension for additional reach. It also requires a unique type of mix and placement method, so new ideas were required.

“One thing I’ve always tried to impress on my crews is that it doesn’t matter how small you are or what role you play, you can always have a good idea to contribute,” said Dave.

Brian and Dave noted it is the unique and challenging projects, like Gun Lake, that they really enjoy because they require the team to think outside the box.

The current Genesee County ARTP Digester project is another unique project Brian was on that involved highly technical concrete work, marking the first-ever steep cone-shaped concrete placement in Granger’s history. There is no How-To manual on how to do this, so the crew had to come up with new ideas for how to place concrete for 22-foot-high walls at a 45-degree slope in the most safe and efficient way possible.


“This was not something anyone at Granger had done before. But we worked together to figure it out. You start slow, but by the end, everyone is moving faster.”

Both Brian and Dave noted their favorite part of working at Granger has been the people and the family culture.

“You take on different roles in addition to your job,” said Dave. “I remember on the big, 800,000 Square Foot General Motors LGR project years ago, I would have 20 people on site, and some days I would be an “unofficial” family counselor, some days a financial advisor.”

“It makes a difference when people feel like part of the family and not just a number,” noted Brian. “At Granger, we have an open-door policy, and everyone is willing to step up when needed. It is also nice working under a larger umbrella where people can feel comfortable with job security. We work hard to ensure team members have another job lined up when their project finishes.”

“Brain and Dave have made significant contributions to the Granger team and our concrete operations during their careers,” noted Granger Director of Field Operations Tom Owens. “Both individuals have always led by example and helped elevate the quality of work put in place as well as the quality of work environment for our concrete field teams.”

The Granger team is grateful for Brian and Dave’s years of leadership and craftsmanship and wish them all the best in their pending retirements!

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