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The romantic minimalist interiors were designed by INC Architecture & Design. The NYC-based firm is a full-service architecture and design firm, known for its soft lines and natural, yet weighty materiality.

The palette of neutral tones, ranging from rich to washed out, was inspired by the Williamsburg Bridge and local factories along the waterfront. The interior surfaces are richly layered with hand-troweled plasters, woven wallcoverings, and upholstered linen panelling to evoke an organic ambience. This same concept was used for the furnishings – the fabrics and materials remain true to their original raw forms.

Natural materials are at the heart of the interiors scheme. Woven fabrics include chunky and nubby linens, their colours imbued with natural dyes. The rugs are plush, hand-knotted and crafted from wool or silk, while wood and stone are matte and full of character. This richness of texture and integrity of form is also carried through to the final layer of plants, art and accessories.

As if following the passage of sunrise, a journey through the house reveals varying depths of colour. The ground floor is the darkest, and as you work your way up the house each successive floor gets lighter. The top floor is almost white, and the two ample terraces on either side are the most sun-filled of all the spaces.

Brooklyn-based landscape designer Brook Klausing was commissioned to transform the outdoor spaces into a lush urban landscape by employing natural textures – cleft bluestone tiles, salvaged wood and a mix of soft plantings. The goal was to blur the boundaries between the interior and exterior.

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