Clever Ways to Add Storage Space In Your Home Remodel

Storage is one of the most crucial elements in any home. When individuals are searching for a new home, it’s often at the top of the must-have list. However, when you’re preparing for home remodeling in Massachusetts, you have the opportunity to transform your home with more storage space. Your remodeling contractors in Brookline, MA, can recommend creative ways to implement more storage into your home design.

Under the Stairs


In many homes, the space under the stairs is dead space that goes unused. It’s challenging to find a suitable use for the odd shape of the area. However, your remodeling services in Brookline can implement effective storage solutions that fit perfectly under the staircase, helping you get the most use out of the space.


A Window Seat with Storage


If it’s time for new windows in your home, you can take advantage of this process by installing bay or bow windows with a window seat. These window seats offer a comfortable place to sit with a view of the outdoors, but that isn’t the only benefit. These window seats can also house out-of-sight storage solutions. It’s the perfect solution to store extra linens, pillows, cushions, or other household items.


Built-in Shelving


Home remodeling services can help you add storage under the stairs.

Talk to home remodeling services about under stairs storage.

Adding shelving units to a room can reduce floor space and create hazards, depending on the placement. Instead of using stand-alone shelving units, consider built-in shelves instead. Your remodeling contractors in Brookline, MA, can install these shelves in just about any room of the home, giving you plenty of additional storage without wasting valuable floor space.


A Corner Pantry


Finding the perfect place for your pantry can be challenging. When planning your home remodeling in Massachusetts, you can use a corner of your kitchen to install a corner pantry. Many homeowners struggle to use kitchen corners efficiently. By building a pantry in the corner, you can increase shelf space without taking up too much precious space in your kitchen, allowing you to install countertops and all the other features you want.


Hooks and Racks


In many homes, floor space is at a premium, but there’s often plenty of unused wall space. Remodeling services in Brookline can often install hooks and racks in your kitchen, bathroom, and other areas of the home to make better use of the walls without restricting floor space. Hanging items keeps them organized and easy to access.


If you need to add storage to your home as part of your home remodeling project, contact us. We’ll be happy to brainstorm ideas to help you get the storage you need in the space you have.

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