Skylights or Sun Tunnel: Which Is Right for Your Home?

More homeowners are realizing the value of introducing more natural light into their houses. One of the most popular remodeling services in Massachusetts today is adding skylights or a sun tunnel. Remodeling contractors in Wellesley, MA, can guide homeowners to help them choose the best solution based on their needs and their home’s structure. This guide will help you decide which one might be the best solution for your home remodeling in Wellesley.

What Is the Difference?

A skylight is the most commonly known option for bringing more natural light into the home. They are essentially windows installed in the ceiling and roof instead of in the walls like most windows. Skylights are an ideal solution for letting sunlight stream into your home without intervention.


A sun tunnel, on the other hand, is a tube that reflects natural sunlight from the outside into your house with a series of reflective mirrors. Sun tunnels may not bring in as much light as a skylight, but the light it does allow to enter your home will be magnified and brighter, producing a similar effect.


How Much Does Each Cost?


One of the first questions homeowners have for remodeling contractors in Wellesley, MA, is how much their services will cost. While the actual cost varies depending on your project’s scope, sun tunnels generally cost less than skylights. Installing skylights require more precise placement and cutting larger holes into your ceiling and roof to accommodate the skylight window. Sun tunnels, on the other hand, require a smaller opening and are easier and faster to install.


Customizable Solutions


Skylights are an excellent option for home remodeling.

Learn whether you should choose skylights or sun tunnels for home remodeling.

Depending on whether you opt for skylights or sun tunnels for home remodeling in Wellesley, your remodeling contractors will customize a solution based on your requirements. For instance, skylights come in two varieties: fixed and vented. Fixed skylights don’t open or close and simply allow natural light into your home. Vented skylights, on the other hand, can be used to allow air to flow into the home as well. These can be motorized for greater convenience. Skylight tinting is also an option. Sun tunnels are more static and have fewer customization options.


The Experience


Another vital consideration when choosing between skylights and sun tunnels for your remodeling services in Massachusetts is the experience you can expect. Sun tunnels brighten up your home without letting the light in fully, giving you more control over the lighting. Skylights provide more flexibility in how you use them, allowing you to enjoy clear views of the sky from indoors, including at night. 


If you’re interested in installing skylights or sun tunnels in your Massachusetts home, contact us. We’re ready to discuss the pros and cons of each option to help you make an informed decision.

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