‘Dirt & Grease Wipe Right Off’

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Up until a little while ago, I was under the assumption that all-purpose cleaning sprays could get the job done for pretty much anything. They’re called “all-purpose” for a reason, right? Well, I was proved sorely wrong when I got introduced to a heavy-duty degreaser that left me shocked. All those crusty specks of old cooking oil and spilled sauces? There were absolutely zero traces of either after a couple of spritzes of Method’s Heavy Duty Degreaser.

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Since first discovering this magical spray, I’ve gone out of my way to repurchase an additional bottle for my new apartment, and I’ve spread the word to my parents too, of course. If you’ve been using an all-purpose spray, I’d highly recommend swapping it for this targeted formula. I remember misting the degreaser over my dirty stovetop and wiping the spray away with a paper towel after cooking up a storm for Friendsgiving. My friend came back into the kitchen and immediately commented on how shiny the stove looked. The results were day and night and I made sure to let her in on my secret weapon.

You’re likely wondering how a cleaning spray can work so well. Let’s get into it, shall we? The Heavy Duty Degreaser from Method is made with plant-based ingredients that cut straight through grease, burnt-on messes and pesky splatters. A little bit of this miraculous spray on your stovetop, range hood, microwave, burner or drip pan, and nobody would even know you just made a huge mess in your kitchen. 

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Photo: Method.

Photo: Method.

Method Heavy Duty Degreaser (8-Pack) $38.32

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Method Heavy Duty Degreaser $4.79

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You can stop wracking your brain over how to get rid of grease and grime because this easy-to-use spray is the answer to all of your cleaning woes. Not to mention, it’s scented with lemongrass. No weird smells are left behind; just the fresh fragrance of lemon! 

I wish I could tell you that all-purpose cleaners really do fit the bill for a variety of cleaning situations because multifunctional products are great for saving time, space and money. However, Method’s Heavy Duty Degreaser turned me into a firm believer in using cleaning products that have specific purposes. I no longer have to scrub, scrub and scrub and wonder why surfaces still don’t look that clean and sparkly. I just spritz this degreaser, wipe with a paper towel and voila!

You can buy the spray in bulk, which is a great move if you cook frequently and somehow make giant messes after every meal. A pack of eight bottles costs $38 on Amazon, and I can assure you, it’s well worth it. But if you’re really just curious about testing it out and aren’t ready to buy it in bulk, a single bottle is available for just under $5 at Target.

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I’m not the only person who gushes over this spray. It has an impressive 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon, with one reviewer writing, “This Method Heavy Duty Degreaser is amazing. I clean houses for a living and I use this product more than any of my others. If you spray it and let it sit for a few minutes then there should be no need to scrub. Dirt and grease wipe right off.” That is some high praise from a pro!

Another shopper wrote, “This product cleans up all kinds of masses from inside ovens to toaster ovens to sticky surfaces to stainless to walls. Any dirty job and this product will work.” They added, “It’s easy to use, its smell is not unpleasant and it’s truly a great value. I keep one in the kitchen and I keep one upstairs in the master bath for quick effective cleanups. One of the best cleaning products I’ve ever used.”

Trust the Amazon reviews section (and me) in that the Heavy Duty Degreaser is about to become a cleaning essential in your kitchen. Shop the spray on Amazon and Target for sparkling surfaces ASAP.

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