Easy Storage Shed Upgrades To Do This Weekend!

Upgrading an old storage shed doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Here are a few easy ways to give your storage shed a big makeover in one weekend!

sam placing planter in front of storage shed

When we bought our house, it came with a storage shed that was filled to the brim with stuff that the previous homeowners left behind. So, I decided to take a weekend to tackle some easy storage shed upgrades and make it feel like ours! Here’s what I did!

DIY Easy Storage Shed Makeover (In One Weekend)!

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The Before

So, just to give this project some context, here is what this small storage shed looked like when we purchased the house:

storage shed before

As you can see, it was super cluttered with a bunch of stuff we don’t really need. It also needed a good wash down and a fresh coat of paint. So, I tackled all of this in one weekend of work!

De-Cluttering The Storage Shed

First up, I wanted to declutter the storage shed. I started by removing everything and organizing it into neat piles based on what we wanted to keep, what we wanted to donate, and what could not be salvaged.

removing items from storage shed

Sometimes organizing can feel really overwhelming, so making dedicated piles as I went helped to make it so much easier to re-organize my life when I was done removing everything from the shed!

Power Washing The Shed

Cleaning the shed was actually my favorite part of the project. I just used a pressure washer to remove any dirt, grime, and staining from the inside and the outside of the shed.

power washing shed

Bonus points for doing this when it was warm out because the shed was able to dry super fast, which meant I could move onto the next step immediately!

Painting The Shed

Quite possible the easiest storage shed upgrade with the biggest impact is adding a new coat of paint! I chose to paint our storage shed a delicious dark gray color to match some of the metal accents in our yard and it looks brand new!

spraying the shed with gray paint

I also chose to paint the inside as well to give it a fresh feel!

spraying the inside of the shed with beige paint

Adding Custom Touches

Just because it’s a storage shed doesn’t mean it can’t have curb appeal! Adding some custom touches like trendy solar powered lights, planters, and a landing zone can make a huge impact!

installing solar powered lights on outside of shed

Don’t forget to tackle the inside as well! Adding things like storage hooks, solar powered lighting, and potting benches can help organize the space and it make it feel a lot less like a creepy storage shed!

potting bench inside storage shed

Before And After

In case you forgot. Here’s what the shed looked like before:

storage shed before

And, here’s what it looks like after a weekend of upgrading!

black storage shed with plants after

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