EMD Cleaning Services Explains the Important Aspects of the Commercial Property Cleaning Process


Published January 15, 2024

EMD Cleaning Services’ Tips on the Best Commercial Property Cleaning Techniques in Minneapolis

EMD Cleaning Services serves the communities of Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and surrounding towns. With this janitorial cleaning in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the team emphasizes that commercial property cleaning is vastly different from residential cleaning. Here’s how Minneapolis business owners can choose the best commercial cleaning services based on the types of services they need.

How Commercial Cleaning Stands Out

Professional cleaning services for commercial buildings differ from residential cleaning in several important ways. The first is the sheer size of Minneapolis’s commercial buildings compared to the area’s homes. These buildings require much more work, with more powerful and large-scale commercial cleaning solutions.

Commercial cleaning services also offer a wider range of services that might include the following:

? Carpet cleaning

? Window washing

? Floor waxing

Unlike Minneapolis’s homes, its businesses typically require more frequent cleaning to account for high traffic, health risks, and safety concerns. A home might only need a deep clean once a month, whereas office spaces benefit from daily or weekly professional cleanings. Within public spaces, commercial cleaning companies also follow strict regulations about the types of products and methods they use.

Types of Commercial Cleaning

A Minneapolis company that specializes in commercial property cleaning offers these three types of services to keep any business clean and safe:

Generalized Cleaning

General cleaning occurs daily and includes surface-level sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and wipe-downs.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning involves overlooked or neglected areas, as well as sanitization. Professional cleaning services are essential to achieve this level of cleanliness.

Specialized Cleaning

Cleaning for specific areas, such as cleaning windows and floors or power washing a building’s exterior, usually happens with annual or semi-annual appointments. Some cleaning companies specialize in certain services only. However, Minneapolis professionals like EMD Cleaning Services can incorporate these needs into their full-service cleaning packages as well.

How To Choose the Right Commercial Cleaning Service in Minneapolis

To choose the right Minneapolis commercial cleaning service, consider the following:

? Building size: This influences how many people the cleaning company requires, the time it takes, and the price they’ll charge. Choose a Minneapolis service provider that can effectively complete the job at a fair price.

? Experience: A company usually provides better service with more experience in the field. Look for a Minneapolis cleaning company with experience in a wide range of services and testimonials from satisfied customers for a good fit.

? Reputation: The best cleaning services in Minneapolis have an excellent reputation and garner amazing reviews on independent platforms.

? Services and products: Can the cleaning company provide the necessary services and use products that are effective and safe for workers? If not, look elsewhere.

Commercial Property Cleaning in Minneapolis

For more information or a complimentary quote, please contact EMD Cleaning Services. The company specializes in commercial cleaning, including janitorial services, office cleaning, industrial and warehouse cleaning in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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