Flipping A Thrifted Facebook Marketplace Bookshelf With DIY Danie

Thrifting is fun… but, thrifting with friends is even MORE fun (even when they live in another country). This week my friend DIY Danie and I decided to surprise each other with Facebook Marketplace finds to flip, and the results of both projects turned out EPIC. I am so excited to share this project with you!

Flipping A Thrifted Facebook Marketplace Bookshelf

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Want to check out this collaboration in action!? You can watch my Thrift Flip video here (make sure to subscribe to my channel)!

Don’t forget to check out Danie’s video as well! You can catch it here (don’t forget to subscribe to her channel)!

Finding A Thrift Flip on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is filled with gems sometimes (you might have to dig, but I promise they are there)! So, when my friend Danie from DIY Danie asked if I wanted to do a Facebook Marketplace Thrift Flip challenge, I was like… game on! But, there was a twist! We were going to choose (and surprise each other with) the piece we wanted the other person to flip… and, here’s what she chose for me!

This mail sorter was SO COOL. But, it was also SO flimsy and falling apart. So, I decided to give it some new life using products from my amazing friends at DAP Products. Here’s how!

What I Used For My Thrift Flip


Jig Saw
Circular Saw or Table Saw
Brad Nailer
Angle Grinder
Multi Tool
Painting Supplies
Putty Knife


DAP Weldwood Instant Wood Adhesive
DAP Weldwood Original Wood Glue *
DAP Plastic Wood-X All Purpose Wood Filler
3/8″ Aluminum Dowel
Metal Corner Braces
Metal Casters
Metal Cut Off Wheel
Black Paint
Wood Stain

How I Tackled My Thrift Flip

Step 1: Cutting The Broken Pieces

This piece came with a lot of broken mail sorters. It was also very unstable. So, I decided to mash two potatoes with one fork (this is a food blog now), and cut the piece in half. That way I could salvage the good parts and get rid of the rest.

Step 2: Reinforcing The Sides

Next up, I reinforced the unit with DAP Weldwood Original Wood Glue and brad nails. I also added some top supports from leftover 2 x 4 boards before closing up the sides with 1/4″ plywood, trim, and more wood glue.

Step 3: Patching And Painting

Next up, I patched any nail holes or imperfections with DAP Plastic Wood-X All Purpose Wood Filler. I love this stuff so much because it goes on pink and then dries neutral. So, there are never any guessing games when it comes time to sand!

Speaking of sanding… once the filler was dry, it was time to sand, prime, and paint the piece (keeping with the theme of being thrifty, I used leftover primer and paint for this to save some money).

Step 4: Adding Custom Accents

I decided I wanted to go the industrial route with this project (are we surprised?), and added some metal accents to the piece at this point including castors and metal corner brackets.

Step 5: Making A Cabinet Top

At this point, all that was really left was to create a top for this cabinet/side table thrift flip. So, I cut some pieces of 1 x 4 to size on my miter saw and joined them together with pocket holes. I then attached it to the cabinet with pre-drilled screws and used aluminum rods and DAP Weldwood Instant Wood Adhesive to attach them permenantly.

Step 6: Staining + Finishing

Last step was to stain and finish my top (I also decided to beat it up a bit to make it look rustic).

Facebook Marketplace Thrift Flip Reveal

And, now for the big reveal! Here’s what my Facebook Marketplace find looked like before…

… and here is what it looks like now!

So. Much. Better. And, so much more functional!

I had so much fun flipping this surprise Facebook Market Place find. And, if you think mine looks cool. Just wait until you see Danie’s! Check it out here!

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