Kitchen Organisation Ideas from Hafele

A well functioning kitchen will include a selection of creative storage solutions that will help boost efficiency and ensure a well organised space. These top kitchen organisation ideas from hardware manufacturer Hafele offer sturdy and reliable solutions that will make the best use of your new kitchen design scheme to help boost efficiency and organisation in the space!

Kitchen Organisation Ideas: Using Cupboard Doors as Storage

Make better use of simple cupboard doors with the use of Hafele’s Tandem systems. The Tandem door mounted storage units are available in a selection of different sizes to accommodate the most commonly used cupboard door widths and heights, allowing you to store the most frequently used items directly on the door itself and saving you the hassle of rummaging through cupboards!

Kitchen Organisation Ideas_Hafele Tandem_Kitchen Cupboard Storage
Hafele’s Tandem Side is available in varying sizes to suit base cabinets and tall cabinets in the kitchen allowing you to make the best possible use of your kitchen storage while keeping frequently used items in an easy to access, organised area.

Kitchen Corner Storage Solutions

Kitchen corners can often be challenge to plan for; traditionally, these areas would include a bi-fold door and standard shelving, making this cupboard the least favourite storage area of the kitchen! Thankfully, modern kitchen storage solutions allow for a better organised option that is much more accessible with corner solutions available to suit blind corners (i.e. Kitchen layouts with a corner that only has one side of accessible space, leaving unused storage space behind) to ensure all available nooks are being used, as well as modern Lazy Suzan options that offer easy access to all the items tucked away.

Kitchen Organisation Ideas_Kitchen Corner Storage
Hafele’s Le Mans II pull-out storage unit ensures your new kitchen design has no dead storage space, making use of the far depth of the corner where a bi-fold style door is not an option. The Carousel storage unit on the other hand, uses a bi-fold door and allows you to turn each shelf individually for full access.

Kitchen Organisation Ideas: Pull-Out Storage Options

A fantastic way to maximise the efficiency of your kitchen storage space to ensure all items that are stored away can be easily accessed and viewed. Kitchen pull-out units provide allow you to easily see and access all items that are ticked away in your kitchen cabinetry, making for a comfortable and well functioning space. You will find an impressive range of options available from spice storage solutions to cleaning agent pull-out units and much more!

Kitchen Storage for Narrow Cupboards

When designing a kitchen, you may find yourself left with some awkward narrow spaces left behind in your layout! Although these areas can be blocked out with the use of filler panels, it is obviously preferable to make use of every available nook and cranny, especially if your designing a small kitchen. 150mm wide pull-out units offer an excellent solution here with options available to house your baking trays, cleaning products and towel rails as well as spices and oil bottles. These units can be placed throughout your kitchen’s layout where they are needed most (spice near stove, baking trays near over, etc.) to ensure a well organised kitchen that makes the best possible use of the available space.

Kitchen Pull out Storage
Hafele’s 150mm wide pull-out units are available in a variety of options from baking tray storage units as well as cleaning detergent storage solutions that also include a rail for your towels.

Kitchen Organisation Ideas: Accessories

There are many options available to help you accessorise your new kitchen to ensure the design works best for your own unique cooking style and needs. Cutlery inserts, produce baskets, built-in knife blocks and other custom options can be incorporated in your new kitchen design scheme to create a space that can easily be organised to suit your own style.

Kitchen Organisation Ideas_Kitchen Storage Ideas
From luxurious produce baskets to timber cutlery trays, there are many different types of kitchen organisation accessories that can be included in your new kitchen design scheme to ensure a well organised space that is unique to you.

Kitchen Benchtop Bins

A kitchen benchtop bin may not always be a necessity however, they sure can make life just that little bit easier during prep time! There are options available that are built right into your benchtop with the bin accessible from inside the cabinetry or options that can clip onto your kitchen cabinet door to allow for a simple clean up when preparing fruit and vegetables.

Kitchen Benchtop Bins
The Ninka Bio Bin can be easily attached to the face of your kitchen cabinet door to allow for a simple clean up process during prep time. The Margo bin option on the other hand, is installed directly into your kitchen benchtop with the bin being accessible from the inside the cupboard beneath it.

Large Kitchen Bins

And finally, large pull-out kitchen bins are a must in any new kitchen design! There are wide pull-out bins as large as 60cm in width that feature several different bin compartments (each of which can easily lift out individually to be emptied) to allow for better organisation of your household waste. If you are short on space, an undersink option is also ideal, once again available in options with more than one compartment to ensure waste is organised into recyclables and general waste.

Hafele Kitchen Bins
The Hailo EuroCargo range of bins are available in a variety of different sizes, including a large 60cm wide option. If you are short on space, and undersink bin option will work just as well in helping you to better organises you household waste into recyclables and general waste.

As you can see, there are many different options that can be incorporated into your new kitchen design scheme to ensure a well organised and highly functional space that will work best for your needs. From pull-out bins and storage solutions to wonderfully accessories and plenty more, hardware manufacturers such as the world renowned Hafele brand offer a world of unique an creative options!

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