How Often Should You Reshingle Your Roof?

When it arrives to how frequently you need to reshingle your roof, there is no challenging and quick rule. Depending on the type of product applied for your shingles, how well they have been maintained, and how aged your roof is, you might have to have to replace shingles anyplace from each individual 15 several years to up to 30 decades.

The main motive owners choose to switch their shingles is because of to age or hurt. About time, publicity to sunlight and other features can cause composite asphalt shingles to dress in down or come to be brittle – raising the risk of leaks and water destruction. Large winds have been recognised to blow shingles completely off the roof!

If you discover that some of your shingles are missing or weakened, it is vital that you act swiftly in order to reduce additional problems. Even the smallest leaks can induce considerable harm if unnoticed or left unaddressed. H2o can discolor your ceiling and walls, cause destructive mildew and black mould, and even rot the structure itself.

How usually must you reshingle your roof?

As we stated, there are a large amount of aspects at play when it will come to reshingling your roof. All issues currently being equivalent, having said that, it arrives down to what sort of roofing elements you use. Composite or architectural asphalt shingle roofs past concerning years, cedar shake shingles past all over 20 many years or a lot more, and steel roofing and slate shingles can past up to 100 years!

If you come to a decision to reshingle your roof on your own, make certain you recognize how the approach works for every type of content. Composite shingles are a lot easier to operate with, weigh way fewer than slate, and are uncomplicated to put in. Cedar shingles have their own set up approaches, and slate roofing installation is distinctive even now.

How to reshingle a composite asphalt roof

Time to substitute your roof shingles? 1st, remove all present shingles from the roof, getting cautious not to destruction any of the underlayment roof materials. At the time the shingles are off, you must glance for signs of problems to the underlayment and decking to make sure there isn’t any harm. You never want to just go over up problems that will direct to roof failure in the long term.

There are resources created exclusively for this task: A roofing shovel is built to get less than the shingles and pull up the nails, pry bars, roofing or utility knife, and a lot more. Depending on the slope of your roof, you may want to look at a harness as perfectly. We simply cannot stress this enough–Safety First!

We also recommend–if you’re carrying out this yourself–to have a dump box handy for all of the debris that will come with a roof tear-off. Just take breaks to clean up all of the previous shingles: Taking a couple of minutes to get rid of the spent shingles helps make the position web-site safer and allows secure the landscaping underneath.

Reshingle Your Roof

Starting from the base of the roof, nail shingles into position adhering to the manufacturer’s rules. As you tactic breaks in the roof (chimney, skylights, partitions, etcetera.), inspect the flashing. If damaged, make guaranteed to substitute it. This will enable channel h2o away from the roof.

You are going to finish with ridge caps, slash off any overhanging shingles, fix any damage to the gutter system, and you’re completed! Eventually, how usually you must reshingle your roof relies upon on the age of the shingles and how properly they have been taken care of around time.

When asphalt shingles may perhaps need to have to be replaced quicker than many others, it is nonetheless critical to examine your roof on a regular basis to glance for warning signals that your roof wants to be changed. If you are capable to expend whole days operating on your roof, you should be able to reshingle it more than a extensive weekend.

Get the job done with Expert Roofing Contractors

On the other hand, if you’re not a “DIY’er,” reshingling a roof can be a challenging activity, in particular if the weather is a lot less than ideal. For three many years, Warner Roofing and Construction have been replacing all manners of roofing supplies the moment they’ve achieved the conclusion of their lifespan. We do the job efficiently, properly, and cleanly all through all seasons to retain your dwelling safeguarded from the things.

By knowledge how often you really should reshingle your roof, and what substance is ideal for your desires, you can keep your home safe and sound from water hurt and other issues. With correct upkeep and treatment (this sort of as getting rid of moss growth when you see it), your new roof can final for several several years to occur.

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