How to Beautify Your Custom Home’s Entrance With These Designs

How to Beautify Your Custom Home’s Entrance With These Designs

If you need design tips, learn how you can beautify your home’s front entrance instantly.

When you think about curb appeal, think about the front landscaping or the color of the siding. While these are both important for a home’s appearance, other factors go into creating a successful and attractive curb appeal. One of those factors is known as a collaborative entryway. This area is encompassed by different elements that all work in harmony to create something beautiful. If you need design tips, learn how you can beautify your home’s front entrance instantly. Read on to learn more!

Consider Open Designs with Your Entrance

Space is an important aspect of welcoming somebody into your house. This is why a few houses have open areas, like foyers in the front of their floorplans. The same applies to your custom home’s front entrance. An open entrance might contain a tall overhang and plenty of extra rooms. Remember, do not make your overhang the same standard eight-foot ceiling height because they could give the illusion of a cramped area. Also, try not to over-decorate. We’ll break down that idea a bit more.

Keep the Entrance Design Simple

You may be tempted to decorate your custom home’s front entrance with seasonal elements and other deck furniture. Some homeowners line your walkway with foliage, thinking it is more welcoming, However, nobody wants to step over a lot of plants to arrive at your front door. In addition, extra decorations can definitely clutter an area, which will deter people from wanting to enter inside. Avoid hiding your front door and invite potential buyers inside with open spaces, brighter colors, and minimal decorating.

Install Lighting Outdoors by the Entrance 

This is an overlooked element of custom home design. Installing outdoor lighting around your custom home’s front entrance will light up the front of your house and make it look very inviting. For example, try to maintain your walkway illuminated with floor lights. Consider adding several outdoor lamps, or string along some chic outdoor lights from any tree branches. Luckily, it does not have to be expensive, and it’s a fast solution for a drab entrance to your home.

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