How to Design the Perfect Kitchen Using Three Key Ingredients

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We all dream of creating the perfect kitchen. While the kitchen is a functional space, it’s also playing an increasingly important role in the home and has replaced the living room for many of us as the hub of our households. With that in mind, basic kitchen designs are no longer enough. Instead, countless homeowners are choosing to style a kitchen that meets many more of their needs. 

In this article, we’re going to consider a three-ingredient design focus that could see your kitchen stepping up to the increasing demands of the modern household. 

1) Functionality

Square shelving in a magnet kitchen full of plants and decorative objects

Tatton Kitchen in Pebble from Magnet Kitchens

Far from the living room, where style piques most other considerations, functional kitchen priorities like layout, kitchen storage, and counter space should continue to play a prime role in your kitchen style choices. Luckily, function no longer needs to mean compromising on appearances, as all of these considerations can become key style choices in their own right, from marble countertops to stylish kitchen islands, and beyond. Simply sit down and think about what you need from your perfect kitchen, then consider how you can achieve that while still creating an attractive space according to your style brief.

2) Comfort

A wooden ribbed breakfast bar with marble counter top and pink velvet bar stools

Pink Velvet Matteo Bar Stool With Backrest from Cult Furniture

Whilst functionality should be the priority, it is not the sole purpose of kitchen design. Many of us also now seek comfort in this space, and there are a few different ways to achieve that goal. Kitchen-based seating is particularly popular as our kitchens outshine areas like the dining room for socialising and family meals. Breakfast bars and under-counter stools are an especially stylish choice in smaller kitchens right now thanks to their space-saving abilities.

Equally, if you have a large kitchen that’s at risk of looking stark and unappealing, a large natural-wood dining table may make more of a comforting statement. Soft furnishings in the kitchen can also add a great deal of appeal, including curtains, cushions or bench covers, and even fabrics used in place of cupboard doors. 

3) Space

A wooden kitchen with stone floor tiles and vertical glazes tiles in green

City Stone Clay Floor Tile from Tile Mountain

When adding things like seating and island units to your kitchen, it’s also important to remember the last key design ingredient here – space. Without space, your kitchen will look cramped and will lose a lot of that all-important functionality. Not to mention that you probably won’t be inclined to enjoy those comfortable touches you’ve introduced. 

To avoid this, always consider your available kitchen space, and make sure that you’re utilising it to the best of your abilities. Space-saving kitchen hacks like in-built storage, fold-out cupboards, and even under-counter seating as mentioned can all help here, as can the introduction of natural light and colourful kitchen cabinetry.

Equally, you’ll want to make sure that you’re leaving enough floor space clear so that you can easily move around when you’re cooking. Elevate even those blank spaces with stylish kitchen floor tiles, or stone flooring to match your natural-wood table, while still leaving you with the space that you need. 

Cooking up the perfect kitchen design needn’t be difficult. Simply stock up on these ingredients, and play around to achieve the perfect style combination.

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