How to Fix Heel Slippage in Cowboy Boots

how to fix heel slippage in cowboy boots

Riding boots or most commonly known as cowboy boots, are the standard footwear for people who do equestrian recreations. Although they can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing for your overall look, most of the time, having to wear them can be a nuisance due to heel slippage.

This heel slippage can happen to any shoe, and we know how it can be so annoying. There are various recommended tips you can do with your boots on how to fix heel slippage in cowboy boots, such as choosing the right size, wearing socks, anti-slip inserts, to list a few.

Check out the recommended tips we are going to discuss:

What is Heel Slipping

Before discussing the various tips and tricks on fixing the heel slippage, let us first understand it. It is an irritating instance that you experience whenever your feet slip off of your shoes.

Such an issue can be discomforting, especially when you get blisters due to it. Heel slippage usually happens while walking and other times unexpectedly, which can be so embarrassing, especially when you are in public surrounded by a lot of strangers.

Things We Should Know to Prevent Heel Slippage in Boots


1. The right shoe size

Heel slippage is common to all footwear and can typically happen to newly bought ones, be it regular boots or shoes. This is normal, and it will eventually decrease as you start to wear this footwear for several days.

However, if it persists, your boot may be loose enough, which means that it is not your actual shoe size. Thus, your cowboy boots must be a perfect fit for your feet. Your feet must feel at ease and your boot should neither be too tight nor too loose.

2. A pair of thicker socks

A pair of socks is the simplest and swiftest to fix heel slippage tendency. By using a pair of thick socks, your heels will fit perfectly into your cowboy boots. You must assure that it is not a little tight to avoid cramps or a tingling sensation to your toes. Just in case thick socks are not available, you can use double pairs of regular socks instead as an alternative.

3. Soft fabric

Another fascinating insert or alternative for a pair of thick socks is a soft fabric. Make sure that you avoid stiff materials such as leather and alike. There are varieties of soft fabrics you can choose from, such as cotton, bamboo, and wool, and use it prior to using your boots.

4. Heel pads or Tongue Pads

Heel pads, also considered to be tongue pads, are so easy to find because they are available in your nearest store. They are considered to be inserts. Tongue pads or heel pads cushion the instep of your foot.

You can use heel pads as an instep and make your boots fit your feet perfectly. Heel pads are highly advisable, especially when you feel discomfort to your toe when you wear your boots or your regular shoes. They are considered to be anti-slip that help your feet fit snugly into your shoe.

5. Insoles

Similar to tongue pad, insoles are considered to be inserts or an added layer that you put inside your shoes and place beneath your foot. They are non-slip inserts that make your feet feel tight and have stronger heel grips. There are multiple brands for insoles that can be bought by linking to or which you can also watch through an advertising program.

7 Effective Ways to Fix Heel Slippage in Cowboy Boots


Heel slippage is so irritating that it always gets into your nerves every time you encounter it. There are diverse solutions on how to fix heel slippage in boots and shoes, below are the recommended methods to avoid heel slippage.

1. Wear a pair of boots that perfectly fits your size

This is by far the greatest and the easiest method to solve your concern. It is always best to buy and use a pair of boots that perfectly fits your size. Though finding the right fit could somehow be critical despite being aware of your shoe size, we still recommend that you should get another fit.

By then, you could determine whether it is comfortable for you or not. These cowboy boots must fit you conveniently; your cowboy boots should provide your toes enough room to move.

2. Check your walking style

The way you walk might be the cause of why your heels keep on slipping in your cowboy boots. Be reminded that cowboy boots are not meant to be used either for running or sprinting. Hence, use your heels and let them reach the ground first instead of your toes. This is how you should walk, especially when you wear cowboy boots.

3. Make sure to break in your shoes

Breaking in your shoe is necessary, especially when you got a new pair of cowboy boots. Give it a little more time before your feet get used to it. Use your cowboy boots often to break them in quickly.

Make sure that your toe and heels, and foot fit your boot. Heel slip will eventually vanish after wearing boots for a few more days, just allow your foot to adjust with your new shoe.

4. A spray can help prevent heel slippage

Another method to do that we consider as a life hack is to use hair spray. Since hair spray is sticky enough, you can spray the heel area of your cowboy boot. With its adhesive abilities, it will make your socks stick to the inner part of your boots and help them halt from moving. Thus, hair spray can help you to prevent your heel from sliding.

5. Make use of a double-sided tape

Although you might find this idea a bit weird, it is okay as long as it works. So this is another life hack that we will share with you, which we can consider a DIY solution. If you are out and the continuous heel slippage keeps annoying you that causes blisters on your feet.

You can grab a double-sided tape from the nearest store. You can put an inch of a strip at the back of the inner part of the shoe. Its purpose is to add a little bit of grip to avoid heel slippage.

6. Replace the old heel

If your old cowboy boots heel slip incidents continue even after trying different methods, it’s time for a boot heel replacement. We can easily find well-made cowboy boot heels replacement, ensuring it will fit nicely into our old pair while offering enough contraction for safe walking.

You can watch this video to fit your current Cowboy boots better:


Were you able to learn a lot about solving your heel slips concerns as much as we do? We have talked about various tips and tricks to fix heel slippage in boots, and we hope that what we have shared will be of great help.

May you enjoy the luxury of wearing your cowboy boot now that you know how to fix heel slippage in cowboy boots. May it be used for your equestrian activities or your fashion statement. Save yourself from the pain and follow the methods above to fix the problem. Besides, you also can refer to other boots such as alloy or steel toe boots by check it out here. Did you like this article? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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