How To Place Cabinet Knobs + Pulls



One of the most common types of cabinet hardware are knobs. I mean, what’s not to love about something that is suitable for both cabinetry doors + drawers or not to mention cabinetry hardware that’s easy to install since they only require a single screw. 

That’s right, we speak a lot to the ladies in our tribe but for all you dear hubbies out there — we’ve got your back too. Admittedly though, I get giddy with excitement during this phase; Which means neither John nor our contractors ever get to indulge in the simplicity of this luxury *wink* but from time to time great design can also be accomplished easily.

All jokes aside, cabinet knobs have come a l-o-o-o-n-g way. Although most people immediately think of knobs in the traditional sense as being round or circular in shape, or in an expected ho-hum finish with no wow factor to them. 

But I promise you…that’s not the case anymore! 

Cabinet knobs can also come in a few other unexpected shapes like squares, hexagons or T-shaped. And to get even further away from that image of traditional knobs that popped into your head when I said cabinet knobs — they come in a wide range of finishes. Almost anything your heart desires from crystal to acrylic or various metals to leather or even wood

Looking for cabinet knob placement? Keep scrolling boo, I got you!


Another type of cabinet hardware is — pulls. Like knobs, they’re fabulous. They’ve got clean lines, they’re easy to grab a hold of + can really add that unexpected pop or sizzle to your home.

While in traditional design, knobs tend to be used for upper cabinets + pulls are used on lower cabinets… from where we stand our view of home should be a bit more relaxed. Less rules, more love. 

But that’s not to say that when we’re knocked head over heels by cabinet pulls + the design calls for it, we’ll from time-to-time consider using them on both upper + lower cabinets as it creates a more modern look + feel.

So, what’s the trick with using pulls? While knobs are fairly consistent in size, pulls, on the other hand, come in a wide range of different shapes + sizes to go along with a bazillion other unique finishes. TIP: If you’re using pulls in your kitchen or bathroom, you’ll want to consider how big your cabinetry hardware needs to be so it feels proportionate with the door or drawer.

Worried about selecting the right size? Peep the guide below.


Well, aren’t these fairly self-explanatory? Cup pulls are a style of cabinetry hardware in which you can slip your fingers underneath the cup + grab a hold of the pull. 

What makes cup pulls a great cabinet hardware choice is their timeless-ness. A look that’s versatile + blends well with a ton of different design styles. From farmhouse to transitional or even modern styles –– cup pulls add a subtle splash of yummy gorgeous-ness to any kitchen or bathroom drawer + we pair them with a cabinet knob for any of the doors.


Tab or edge pulls which are often lumped together + referred to as finger pulls, these guys are a great choice for anyone that’s looking to create a more streamlined, modern or contemporary look.

In fact, what’s unique about these finger pulls is the way they’re installed + how they are mounted to the cabinetry. While most cabinetry hardware, the screws are drilled all the way through the front of the door or drawer, tab or edge pulls actually mount to the top or bottom edge of your cabinetry (or to the backside.) Thus, there’s no hole drilled in the front of the cabinet door or drawer.

Minimalist by design, this style of cabinet hardware really showcases the craftsmanship of the cabinetry doors + drawers in a space. #TresChic!

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