How to repair ships in Blox Fruits

The Blox Fruits winter update introduced the ship repair mechanic, and it helped me save my ship from destruction after many Ship Raids and fights. Here’s how to repair ships in Blox Fruits.

How to repair your boat in Blox Fruits

To be able to repair ships and boats, first you’ll need to acquire the Shipwright subclass, which you can do once you complete at least 50 sea events such as Ship Raids and Sea Beasts in the Second and Third sea. Once complete, head to the Tiki Outpost in the Third sea, and enter the large temple building next to the dock. Climb the top floor and jump through the hole in the floor to reach the secret room, where you’ll find the NPC called the Shipwright Teacher.

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The Shipwright Teacher will present you with a quest to defeat 20 sharks at sea, and the best fruits to use against them are M1 fruits like the Kitsune Fruit. After defeating the sharks, go back to the Shipwright Teacher, and he’ll present you with one Legendary Scroll. Exit the conversation and approach him again, and he will offer to sell you the Shipwright subclass for 3000 fragments.

Once you’ve bought the subclass, go to the trees closest to you and chop them down for a chance to get Wooden Planks. Collect the planks and return to the ship; if it’s damaged, you’ll see a green hammer icon next to the ship’s health bar. Press the hammer icon to start repairing your ship, and you’re all set for sailing! Keep repairing your ship to level up your Repair skill and increase your repairing speed, which is essential to winning battles in the sea.

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