How To Stay Motivated While You Declutter

Don’t Allow Clutter To Overwhelm You

You don’t have to live with clutter – you can make the decision to declutter your home now! After decluttering, you can enjoy a simpler, happier, minimalist lifestyle. It may feel overwhelming when you try to get started decluttering. You may have difficulty saying motivated while decluttering. You don’t have to overcome these struggles on your own, though.

The Downsizing Designer Teaches Minimalist Decluttering Lessons

Hello everyone – it’s Rita here. Like you, I was once overwhelmed by clutter. Then, I decided to declutter, downsize, and take back my life. Now, I’m eager to help you do the same. As the Downsizing Designer, I’ve helped countless people on their downsizing and decluttering journeys. I’ve even developed helpful tools, tricks, and tips to help you learn about decluttering.

How Can I Stay Motivated While I Declutter?

One of the many obstacles people face on their decluttering journeys is motivation. It may be easy to find the burst of motivation at the beginning – and you may even be able to ride that feeling for a while. Inevitably, though, that first burst of energy peters out. It gradually fades and lessens, making it hard to continue decluttering.

Your Downsizing Designer is here to help. I offer advice on how to stay motivated as you declutter – and where you can donate the clutter you’re getting rid of – in my video “5 Ways to Stay Motivated and 100 Places to Donate Your Stuff!

Additional Resources

Need some more help? Check out these decluttering resources designed by Rita herself!

Do You Want More Professional Decluttering And Downsizing Advice?

Let me act as your guide on your downsizing and decluttering journey. When you visit the Design Services online store, you’ll find helpful minimalist decluttering checklists, online decluttering courses, and other tips to help you downsize and declutter.

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