January Home Care to Start the New Year Looking Good! — DESIGNED

Are you doing some January home care to start the new year looking good? I know this is when I get in the mood to organize, clean and make some notes about what projects I want to tackle in the upcoming year.

Oh, the pressure to declutter and get rid of your old stuff is on!

I do know that I need to always be editing and organizing a closet or cabinet can make me feel so good!

Of course, I like doing it for a few days, then I get tired of doing the deep clean and want to stop. I have to pace myself or it gets to be too big of a job that I don’t want to finish.

Here’s what I have tackled this January, so far.

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Clean One Closet

This year, after editing my Christmas decorations and getting it all stored away, I started in with this closet.

This is supposed to be a coat closet, but we live in the Houston area and we don’t wear a lot of coats. 🙂

Years ago I made it a storage closet for my table linen and decor. My husband put some wire shelves in there and I hang my tablecloths on the rod. I have a few vases and some candles in there too.

This Christmas I was trying to find some things in there to set the table and found it was just chock full of stuff that I hadn’t used in years. We entertained all the time when we lived overseas and I kept most of the things I used in Norway and Australia. Since we don’t entertain like that here in Texas, it was time to clean out this closet and let some things go.

I kept less than half of what was here. Although I have plenty to use, this closet is more organized and I can see everything I have now! 🙂

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