My Kids Are Minimalists: What Can I Give Them for Christmas?

I’ve had so many requests from those who follow me to address the subject of what to give your minimalist kids for Christmas

You want to respect their lifestyle and their choice of living with less. As a matter of fact, you admire their choice and you don’t want to change them, but you do not want to give them something they would not appreciate. You’re just not sure how to celebrate the holiday with gift-giving that aligns with their non-materialistic lifestyle.

Just to your concerns, you’re not alone with this challenge so here are a few ways to give a gift that will align with your minimalist kids and their simple lifestyle.

FIRST: Immerse yourself into the mindset of a minimalist and the principles they are committed to living by

1. Simple living

No unnecessary stuff that will not only clutter their homes but will not be used and just take up space for things they do not want.

2. Functionality

Everything they have serves a purpose. They prioritize practicality, efficiency, and ease of use. The items they own contribute to this foundational principle of minimalism.

3. Quality

Minimalists take a mindful approach to what they spend money on. It has to have value. It has to last. They are not into replacing things on a whim. They would rather buy good quality in the first place.

4. Sustainability

Minimalists choose to live with less. They are committed to decluttering, paring down, and editing excess stuff from their homes and their lives. By reducing the amount they own and buy, they impact the planet in a positive way.

SECOND: Focus on gifts that will

·      Simplify and enhance their lives.

·      Prioritize usefulness and functionality.

·      Last a long time and be a good quality

·      Sustainable and be able to be repurposed over time

THIRD: Make a list of what they value, what they need, and will use

Before you start guessing, ask them. Let them know you want to respect their wishes and their minimalist lifestyle. Ask them to make a short list of what they might need or want.

It might help to provide a preliminary list of ideas to show that you have been giving it much thought and that you were trying to be mindful and intentional about gift-giving this year so it’s not to clutter their homes with things they don’t want and won’t use.

For the music, lover, and theatergoer

  • Concert or theater tickets

For the foodie or wine lover

  • A gourmet gift certificate or wine class

For the active and health-conscious

  • A membership to a fitness center

For the learner

  • E-books, a class, or lecture of interest to them.

For the hobbyist

  • A gift certificate for items they might need i.e. gardening tools.

For the sports enthusiast

  • Tickets to sporting events

For the traveler

  • An overnight stay at a hotel and spa.

For the couple who needs time together

  • Free babysitting for date nights.

Once you begin to understand that gift-giving does not always mean giving stuff you will likely think of many things that will make great gifts this year.

Some of the best gifts are those that are thoughtfully focused on what best provides meaning and value to the receiver. Yes, it takes a little more time, but I think you will both experience the true joy of giving and receiving gifts that truly matter.

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