Reducing the Cost of Double Glazing Installation and Repair

When it comes to our homes, we all strive to create a comfortable living space. For many of us at the moment, that means more than simply achieving a great looking home. We also need our spaces to be increasingly energy-efficient, with the ability to offer significant savings on our energy bills. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through double glazed windows.

Double glazing is an essential addition to the modern home for a number of reasons. Double glazing insulates the home to protect against heat loss – a key consideration here, as the majority of heat escapes through windows and doors. This means it contributes to sustainability efforts, reducing your home’s carbon footprint. By reducing heat loss through windows, you can also lower your heating bills and conserve energy within the home. In the long run, double glazing also enhances your home’s value and appearance – making it a smart investment for both your current comfort levels and future resale value!

Ensuring your double glazing is fully functioning (and repaired if it isn’t) is just as vital as having it installed in the first place. Condensation between your windows is a sign your double glazing may have failed, meaning heat can escape the home while damp air can enter. Damaged or misted windows can lead to damp, mould, and further damage to your property. Ignoring these issues can result in security concerns and additional costs down the line.

In this article, we’ll explore the importance of double glazing, how it can enhance your home, and how you can reduce the cost of installation and repair with our expert guidance!

Replace the Pane, Not the Frame

Many double glazing fitters on the market may suggest replacing the entire frame if you’re in need of a repair. Our approach is a little different. We focus on carefully replacing just the glass or damaged areas, conserving materials that aren’t in need of replacement. This saves you money and time, while even causing less mess and disruption as we install! Our method has a more positive impact on the environment by reducing material waste. This is a key motivator for our team, as we are continuously working to adopt more eco-friendly approaches and technology.

Shop Around for Fitters

When it comes to searching for a double glazing expert, we have a few tips under our belt that may help you get the best deal.

  1. Get at least two or three quotes from different suppliers.
  2. Prioritise quality over the cheapest price.
  3. Ask questions!

As double glazing experts ourselves at Cloudy2Clear, we receive plenty of questions about our services and processes each day. Here are some of the most important questions you should present a potential double glazing installer before confirming that you’d like to work with them.

  • How long have you been in the double glazing industry?
  • Can you provide references or examples of previous double glazing work?
  • What types of materials do you use?
  • I have a specific material in mind for the frame. Can you work with it?
  • What is your installation process like?
  • How long will the installation take?
  • When could I have my double glazing repaired?

As well as being diligent in finding out information from the providers of the service themselves, remember you can’t always rely on their word. Be sure to check reviews from real customers by exploring websites like Google Reviews and TrustPilot. This is a great way to gather first-hand experiences from those who have used their services, while some will also leave images.

Look for Guarantees!

A guarantee ensures the work lasts and won’t need to be replaced in a few years. Even if your double glazing does fail in the meantime, you can rest assured it will be professionally repaired or replaced if necessary.

While professionally installed double glazing can last for decades, there are a few reasons it’s worth making sure you get a guarantee.

  • Accidental damage. Accidents do happen, and they can cause your double glazed windows to fail. A crack or chip in one of the panes can compromise the insulative benefits of double glazing, and it often doesn’t take an extensive amount of damage for this to occur.
  • Manufacturing defects or faulty materials. We only work with the most highly trusted materials and manufacturing component providers within the UK, so it’s very unlikely you’ll have to claim on a defective window installed or repaired by our team. However, it’s worth having that guarantee against faults if they do happen.
  • Poor installation. While we can guarantee poor installation won’t be an issue with our experienced engineers, some companies do take advantage and fail to do the job correctly.
  • Broken, worn or torn seals. This is one of the leading issues leading to double glazing repairs. The seals on double glazed windows are there to hold everything in place, securing the panes and the gas suspended between them for maximum insulation. If these seals are damaged, they aren’t able to insulate properly and will need repairing.
  • Natural wear and tear. No matter how well you maintain and care for your windows, repeated opening and closing action and the effects of weather will mean a replacement is eventually needed

At Cloudy2Clear, the guarantee we offer lasts 25 years. We offer this as we are confident about the quality of work we do, as well as ensuring our customers get the service they deserve when it comes to something as essential as their windows.

Space the Work Out

One of the main things keeping people from having double glazing installed or repaired is the cost. We take a flexible approach with our customers, allowing you to spread the cost by spacing out the work over a series of visits to your home. Often we install double glazing on just one or two windows at a time for our clients; so they can budget effectively and save in the meantime. We do recommend always having repairs done as soon as possible to reduce further damage, though we know this isn’t always a realistic piece of advice! If you are in need of repairs to your double glazing, we can also help you prioritise which windows to get fixed first. Again, you can take advantage of our ‘repairs-not-replacement’ approach in saving money on your double glazing needs.

Remember It’s an Investment

While installation can involve a noticeable fee at first, it’s worth remembering double glazing is an investment in itself. Here, we’ll delve into a few of the ways double glazing is well worth the initial fee.

  • Energy Savings. Back in September 2022 before energy prices increased further, the Energy Saving Trust explained A++ rated double glazing could save you up to £235 a year on your energy costs! This involves also reducing the carbon emissions of your household by up to 405kg on an annual basis.
  • Increased Home Value. With the ability to increase your home value by around 10%, it’s certainly worth having your single pane windows upgraded to double glazing. This added value comes from the additional comfort, reduced energy bills and superior security protection offered by double glazing. Energy-efficient features are now key when it comes to boosting house prices, and prospective buyers often pay a premium for quality, eco-friendly fixtures and fittings throughout.
  • Security and Insurance. It’s often overlooked just how much double glazing can benefit your home from a security perspective. Single pane windows are now a target for thieves, as they’re considerably easier to break into. When looking at home and contents insurance, providers may consider the improved security benefits offered by double glazing when calculating your insurance premiums. Remember that if your double glazing needs repairing, this can also pose weakness to your windows and therefore be a security risk – so you should get any problems fixed as they arise.

Double Glazing Installation and Repair by Cloudy2Clear

Investing in double glazing installation and repair offers a range of benefits, from increased energy efficiency and home value to improved comfort and noise reduction. By following our tips, you can reduce the cost of double glazing installation and repair without sacrificing on the level of quality you and your family deserve.

At Cloudy2Clear, our 25-year guarantee, lasting expertise, and dedicated team of engineers ensure all our clients receive the best service possible. If you are considering having double glazing installed or repaired, work with us! We ensure quality materials and installation, alongside our commitment to providing affordable double glazing services that last. Don’t hesitate – give us a call today at 0800 61 21 119 to discuss your double glazing needs and discover how we can help you create the perfect living environment!

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