Tips for Decorating Your Home With Fresh-Cut Flowers

Last Updated on May 9, 2023 by Steffi Nell

Fresh-cut flowers enhance spaces with color, scents, and visual appeal. Like adding potted plants to your interiors, a vase of cut flowers also ties nature into your home’s design, creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Enjoy the benefits of styling spaces with various blossoms and implement some of these tips for decorating your home with fresh-cut flowers.

Keep Your Flowers Fresh

Although dried flowers offer much appeal, they stimulate a different atmosphere than their fresh counterparts. Healthy, blossoming flowers exude vitality. Dried petals and stems convey longing and history.

If you want to liven your space with flowers rather than add character, keep your flowers fresh. Regularly replace old flowers. Keep your flowers hydrated with clean water. Extend the life of your flowers by avoiding common care mistakes. Ensuring the flowers in your space are always fresh allows you to enjoy them better. 

Use Unique Containers

If it can hold water, it can be a vase. Many store their flowers in classic clear vases. However, exploring different container options gives you more styling flexibility. What you choose to keep your bouquets in affects how your flowers interact and blend with other elements in your home.

Different vase materials generate different aesthetics: marble and stone vases look modern, metal ones give off a rustic appearance and terracotta and ceramic vases produce an earthy aesthetic. Storing flowers in a watering can creates an eclectic look that highlights your love for the outdoors and gardening. Reuse your clean and empty glass bottles and jars to make your floral arrangements more boho chic. Play with different flower containers to create unique displays of your bouquets.

Coordinate Colors

One of the best qualities of fresh flowers is their vibrant and colorful petals. No matter the flora type, all flowers give off a rich hue. Use the colors in your floral arrangements to coordinate and complement other shades and details in your space. Look for matching and contrasting shades. Highlight any colors you want to emphasize.

Implement these three tips for decorating your home with fresh-cut flowers if you want to upgrade your home’s interior with some floral touches.

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