What are flush French Doors and why are they so popular?

What are flush French Doors?

An open white uPVC french door and classic tiled flooring

At SEH BAC, our flush doors are a modern version of traditional French doors. Unlike traditional French doors, they have much slimmer sightlines and more discreet hinges, giving them an overall more minimalist and simplistic design.
Traditional French doors tend to be designed with multiple sections which are divided by thin strips of wood (or metal). Flush French doors are characterised by the their frame and door panels sitting flush with each other, creating a seamless and flowing look that enhances the aesthetic appeal of any space. This provides a more similar appearance to timber French doors but without the costs and heavy maintenance of timber.

Why are flush French Doors so popular?

Flush French doors have gained a huge amount of popularity with homeowners in the UK thanks to their many superior benefits. These include:

An abundance of natural light:

Open flush french door

Thanks to their large, glass panels, flush French doors allow natural light to flood into the home, transforming the atmosphere of any room. With their minimalist design, they provide a seamless connection of the indoors and outdoors.

Excellent energy efficiency:

Cream uPVC french door

The modern construction of flush French doors paired with their high-quality materials results in excellent thermal efficiency. Their sleek multi-chambered design ensures comfortable temperatures inside your home all year round. New Flush French doors combine style with function whilst also helping to lower your energy costs. A win-win!

Aesthetically pleasing:

Light grey aluminium french door

With their clean and elegant design and charming colour options, including the popular Chartwell Green and Anthracite Grey, flush French doors can add a touch of contemporary sophistication to any home. Their minimalist structure creates a seamless flow between interior and exterior spaces, making them a perfect choice for modern homeowners. They not only look stylish and sleek, but also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. They also have a range of door furniture options in a number of elegant designs and colours to make your door unique to you and your home.

Flush French doors from SEH BAC

Grey flush french door

At SEH BAC, we offer uPVC flush French doors that feature either 3, 5 or 6 insulating chambers, offering levels of thermal efficiency to suit your requirements. Regardless of your choice, you can trust that our flush French doors are designed to achieve impressive energy efficiency ratings of A and above.
In addition, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability, which is why every flush French door we sell comes equipped with EcoMAX glass, the most eco-friendly glass on the market. With SEH BAC, you can be confident that you’re making an environmentally conscious choice for your home.
When it comes to new doors for your South East home, we understand that safety and security are just as important as sustainability and energy efficiency. That’s why our flush French doors come with locks that are embedded into the frame, as well as options to add steel reinforcements and PAS 24 security compliance. With our doors, you can have peace of mind knowing your home is well protected.
If you are a homeowner seeking a modern and trendy upgrade for your doors, whilst also aiming for excellent energy efficiency, enhanced natural lighting and reliable security, then look no further than SEH BAC’s flush French doors. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the process of choosing your new doors. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today to learn more!

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