What is OKNA SunSeal Glass? Is it Necessary for Homes in Virginia?

Looking to improve your home’s energy efficiency? Replacing your windows is one of the best and most affordable ways to do it. If you’re slightly overwhelmed at the prospect of replacing your window – especially in terms of the choices available to you – don’t worry, you’re not alone. It certainly can get confusing with so many different window replacement materials, as well as glass options, on the market. I’ve written before about the most energy-efficient window replacements, but today I’m going one step further to talk about a specific kind of window replacement we often get asked about at Windows on Washington: OKNA SunSeal glass. 

If you’ve never heard of it before, OKNA SunSeal Glass is a type of energy-efficient glass that is designed to block out harmful UV rays and reduce heat transfer, helping to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. It’s an excellent option for your window replacement project, but is it totally necessary? And specifically, is SunSeal Glass necessary for homes in Virginia? The answer depends on a few factors. Let’s take a closer look at what SunSeal Glass is and its benefits, as well as some things to consider before making a decision.


What is OKNA SunSeal Glass?

OKNA SunSeal Glass is a type of energy-efficient glass designed to reduce solar heat gain while still providing color neutrality (meaning, the color of your glass isn’t affected or distorted). This solar control combined with thermal insulating benefits results in beautiful, natural-looking glass that helps keep your home cool and energy efficient. 

In basic terms, SunSeal Glass is made up of multiple layers of glass with a special coating that reflects sunlight and prevents heat from entering or escaping. This not only helps to improve your home’s energy efficiency but also protects your furniture, carpets, and other belongings from fading and discoloration caused by UV rays.

The layers of glass in SunSeal Glass are separated by a special gas-filled space that helps to further reduce heat transfer. This space also acts as a sound barrier, making your home quieter and more comfortable. Plus, the special coating on the glass not only reflects sunlight but also absorbs and re-radiates it as heat, further reducing the amount of heat that enters or escapes your home. Basically, it’s one of the most energy-efficient types of glass on the market.


The Benefits of SunSeal Glass

There are several benefits of using SunSeal Glass in your home – one, of course, is that it significantly reduces your energy bills by cutting down on the amount of energy needed to heat or cool your home. This is especially important during the hot summer months in Virginia when air conditioning can be a major expense. Also, by reducing the amount of heat entering your home, you can also improve your overall comfort and reduce the need for additional cooling.

Another major benefit of SunSeal Glass is its ability to protect your furniture, carpets, and other belongings from fading and discoloration caused by UV rays. UV rays can cause significant damage to fabrics, wood, and other materials over time, leading to fading and discoloration that can make your furniture and belongings look old and worn. With SunSeal Glass, you can sleep easy knowing that your furniture and belongings will remain protected and look great for years to come.


Is it Necessary for Virginia’s Climate?

But the question remains: is SunSeal Glass necessary for homes in Virginia? The answer depends on a few factors, including your budget, the orientation of your home, and the number of windows you have.

As you’d know, Virginia has a moderate climate, with relatively mild winters and hot summers. So, if you live in a part of Virginia that experiences extra hot summers, using SunSeal Glass could help you reduce your energy bills and keep your home cooler. On the other hand, if you live in a part of Virginia with a milder climate, SunSeal Glass may not be as important for you.

When considering whether or not to install SunSeal Glass in your home, it’s also a good idea to consider the cost and installation requirements. While it may be more expensive than traditional windows, it can provide significant long-term savings on your energy bills. Installation typically takes a few hours per window, but it does require the help of a professional.

Another consideration is the orientation of your home. Homes that face south or west may benefit more from SunSeal Glass, as they tend to receive more sunlight and heat than homes facing north or east. Additionally, the number of windows you have and their size can impact the cost of installation.


So, Does Your Home in Virginia Need OKNA SunSeal Glass? 

While SunSeal Glass is not necessarily a requirement for homes in Virginia, the benefits of window replacements with OKNA SunSeal Glass certainly make it a worthwhile investment! However, it’s important to consider the cost and installation requirements, as well as your home’s orientation and the number of windows you have. 

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether or not SunSeal Glass is right for your home, but it’s always a good idea to seek professional advice before making a decision. Chat with the WoW team today and we can help you decide if OKNA SunSeal glass windows are the right choice for your home in Virginia. 

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