Why Choose a Porcelain Kitchen Benchtop

A porcelain kitchen benchtop will provide an impressive range of benefits in your new kitchen design scheme, offering a supremely hard wearing, durable and long lasting surface finish that can easily withstand life’s many bumps!

The Benefits of a Porcelain Kitchen Benchtop

Porcelain is well known for being an incredibly durable option for use in the home. Porcelain tiles for example, have been used both inside and outside of the home for many, many years, outliving most other building materials! Porcelain is created by combining a selection of raw ingredients such as clays, feldspar and silica and forming various shapes before placed in an exceptionally hot kiln. the product is baked at extremely high temperatures for an extensive period of time which creates an incredibly hard surface finish.

Being a non-porous material, porcelain will not require sealing. In comparison to natural stone benchtops or timber benchtop for example, you will not need to provide ongoing maintenance for a porcelain kitchen benchtop.

Dekton Porcelain Kitchen Benchtop
Dekton provides a unique option for the home that can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. In fact, it is one of the very few options that is warrantied for use in completely exposed outdoor applications!

Being non-porous, porcelain finishes are uniquely resistant to staining as they will not readily absorb liquid or powder spills. This quality makes porcelain a top choice for the home kitchen; we are also seeing porcelain benchtops being used in commercial kitchens as they provide the very same benefits as the super-hygienic stainless steel benchtop options often used in these types of settings.

Another exciting benefit of porcelain kitchen benchtops is that they are heat and scratch resistant, making them an exceptional choice for the busy home. Unlike most other kitchen benchtop options, you can actually place a hot dish straight out of the oven directly onto the surface of a porcelain benchtop without having to worry about issues such as temperature shock, melting or burning! Being resistant to scratches, you may also chop directly on the surface if you so wish, once again making these types of benchtops an excellent choice for a busy kitchen!

Caesarstone Porcelain Kitchen Benchtop
Adding to Caesarstone’s extensive collection of benchtop options, their latest porcelain collection includes an impressive selection of modern, earthy colour options. Explore the range here.

The Drawbacks of Porcelain

As with any material, there are a few key points to consider when choosing porcelain as a kitchen benchtop solution. Depending on which brand of porcelain you use and the way the kitchen is designed, you may find this to be a rather pricey option. The cost is often comparable to most engineered stone products however so it is most definitely worth looking at various options. Ideally, you should also avoid mitring the edges of your porcelain benchtop in order to create the look of a thicker benchtop; it is usually better to use the set slab thicknesses as available from your selected porcelain benchtop supplier. This is because the mitring process can also affect the cost of the material, perhaps even more so than the cost of mitring other products such as stone. Furthermore, this process may also create brittle, exposed edges on your kitchen benchtop, thus increasing the likelihood of chips occurring.

There are many exciting benefits that come with selecting a porcelain kitchen benchtop. Being a no-porous material, porcelain provides a stain, heat and scratch resistant surface finish that is incredibly durable and long lasting.

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