How to Embrace Biophilic Design in Your Home

Are you trying to create a healthy living environment in your house? Do you know that the home design you choose will have a big role to play in making the interior aesthetics healthy? With biophilic design, you can bring nature indoors by implementing natural materials to create a positive impact in everyday life.

Today’s urban home designs incorporate greenery and various natural elements to create a multi-sensory experience. So, if you want to integrate nature into your home design, try to find out how you can bring nature in and embrace a biophilic design:

How do custom home builders in Kelowna incorporate biophilic design in your house?

Bring the outdoor elements in

You have been decorating your yard with green plants but do you know that a similar approach works right for the indoors? Even if you don’t have a large outdoor area on your property, you need not worry. You can hang pots on the balcony and outside the window with a biophilic design. Don’t worry if you are not as good or have adequate experience with gardening. You can start with basic plants like cacti or succulents and later switch to ferns or calatheas. Discuss your plan with Kelowna home builders to ensure that the property’s floor plan aligns with your intention.

Use natural materials

Using natural materials adds a personality to your living space. So, if you are truly keen to create a natural feel inside the house, choose materials like rattan, wood, clay, or wool. One basic reason to stick to these materials is that you can pair them up with furniture and re-use them several times. With raw and unfinished wood used for creating furniture pieces, creating a natural vibe helps enhance the texture and depth of the space. Don’t forget to experiment with various other natural materials like concrete, granite, and marble.

Make the most of natural light

Ample light inside your house acts as a mood booster and maintains hormonal balance. If you are yet to become familiar with the benefits of natural light in your house, you will be amazed to know that natural light keeps you energized. Apart from this, it helps in accelerating the production of oxytocin. To make sure your home gets natural light for keeps, talk to home builders in Kelowna BC about making the floor plan open. Creating a skylight also helps in filtering natural light. Install large windows around the reading corner or near the balcony to make way for natural light to enter the house.

Freshen up your space

Imagine how it would feel to stay in a house where fresh air is rare. You will start feeling claustrophobic. Let your home plan draw in as much fresh air as you want. If you already have a lot of plants on your balcony, you can expect fresh air to rejuvenate the interiors of your house.

Replicate the sound of water

Handmade fountains made from bamboo would offer the finest addition to your living space and spread peace and relaxation. A house embracing a biophilic design may have a couple of such fountains in specific areas so that you enjoy the sound of water all day long. Besides, a small fountain is installed in a hot spot in the living room just like in Okanagan custom homes. The only thing you need to remember is to use water carefully.

Embrace natural colours

Just like each season brings different colours, try to imbibe the concept in the biophilic home. You may not change the colours frequently but make sure the colours you embrace align with nature.

Display natural images

Images of nature have proven to provide satisfaction to the senses.  When bringing nature indoors, you need to communicate with Kelowna builders. Unless the floor plan in your house is appropriate, you will have fewer choices to make your house close to nature.

Change the shape of the furniture

When designing a biophilic home, you need to skip the idea of matching furniture and stick to organic shapes. For instance, let the cane and bamboo chairs get to their original shape or the stand of the coffee table. That way the visitors are going to feel more intrigued when visiting your living abode. You can also consider the Bohemian style furniture to amplify the impact of nature.

The idea of creating a home environment that presents perfect harmony with nature creates the true essence of a biophilic design. So, get ready to lessen your stress and improve your mood and well-being in a healthy ambience through a connection with nature.

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