Techsize Flagship Store, Jiangsu by Minggu Design

The flagship shop of the Spanish slab model Techsize is situated in a avenue park of Nanjing wherever the special and powerful architectural silhouette can be observed vaguely by means of the woods. Tech is for know-how and innovation, and Measurement stands for the pursuit of breaking boundaries.

minggu design 7

By the layout of the constructing façade and inside room, shopper hopes to show the brand’s supreme pursuit of dwelling aesthetics, highlighting the brand’s philosophy of “creating a living place of your dream”, and even further demonstrating how the stone, a non-renewable pure factor, has been designed to comprehend sustainability and beautifully integrate man with character and aesthetics.

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The approach of forming rock slabs is grinding and extracting the all-natural raw stone, then going through exclusive procedures such as urgent and large temperature, and at some point nirvana. The designer draws inspiration from this system, and by abstraction, transforms the original stone that has gone through the baptism of time into an expression of the characteristic of area.

minggu design 3

The façade is predominantly clad in slabs. At the entrance, a slender colonnade supports the outstanding huge eaves, even though the huge glass wall on the south and east elevations considerably mitigates the weighty massing of the dim slabs.

minggu design 2

Darkish gray slabs are the principal composition of the first-floor façade, interspersed with a quantity of horizontally layered slabs, which are established in an orderly way, as if to convey to the story of the development of slab. The clashes of ‘line and surface’, ‘light and heavy’, ‘transparent and dense’, convey a balance to the façade concealed beneath the conflict, which is particularly spectacular.

minggu design 1

The cascading slabs lengthen from the façade into the inside and turn into a single of the key aspects through the showroom. It can be a backdrop for a big electronic monitor, a display screen, a partition, a decoration, or the products by itself.

minggu design 11


A heavy black spiral staircase sales opportunities up into a dome. When anyone emerges by a semi-round hole, then he can see the dome in its entirety, sheets of rounded-corner sq. slabs, about 6 mm thick, are layered on the area of the dome in a particular color pattern, resembling the efficiently layered feathers of a chicken, for this reason the identify ‘feather wall’. The feather wall not only serves as a room divider, but also as a products display wall exactly where buyers can see the diverse colors and textures of the goods immediately.

minggu design 6

In terms of purposeful division, the designers have adopted a multi-team spatial structure to mix display, practical experience, communication and get the job done. The ground floor of the showroom is mainly divided into a screen space, an open performing location and a assembly area with a bar, predominantly for the occasional customer gatherings and layout sharing sessions.

minggu design 12


Relocating inwards along the glass façade, you can see a ‘square box’, which is the starting of a revolving staircase. The black stones on the ground, the shadows of trees and water behind the minimize-outs on the walls, and the massive slabs suspended higher than, all blend character in the square box. The designers have also produced two open up operating spots exterior the sq. box, which can also be utilized for receptions.

minggu design 9

The to start with floor is divided by the dome-formed ‘feather wall’, the interior made up of a meeting space and a additional secluded business. The exterior is a merchandise display area, exhibiting the various makes use of of slabs in unique areas these as dwelling rooms and kitchens.

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