The Benefits of Double Glazing for Your Business

If you don’t already have double glazing for your business, it’s worth considering how upgrading could optimise your resources. While single glazed windows still remain in some businesses, it’s definitely become the norm to have double glazing installed. This is because double glazing is an effective way to upgrade your building; it works to reduce energy bills, improve appearance, and make your space more comfortable.

Installing double glazing for your business provides plenty of benefits. Enhancing security efforts, reducing noise pollution, and improving energy efficiency are just a few of the benefits you’ll notice with double glazing. Here’s our guide to the benefits of double glazing for your business…

Improved Security

Security concerns are one of the main issues our business clients ask us about. Upgrading your business’s windows to double glazing will make your premises much harder to break into. If you have single glazing, it’s relatively easy to break into your building; thieves can spot this. If there is only one layer of glass to penetrate in order to enter the business, this unfortunately makes your premises a much more appealing target in comparison to your double-glazed neighbours.

Double glazing offers worthwhile security benefits, as that extra layer of glass can deter thieves. The costs associated with upgrading to double glazing could negate any costs or losses that may be involved if you were to experience a break-in.

From another perspective, double glazed windows can enhance security by offering improved soundproofing qualities. The insulating gas that sits between double glazed windows even acts as a cushion for soundwaves. This offers an improved level of security in ensuring any confidential conversations or transactions are kept within the building.

Noise Insulation

There are certain business sectors that benefit even more from double glazing, due to its soundproofing properties. Hospitality venues, bars and restaurants, and hotels should all have double glazed windows for this exact reason. Even if you have a shop on a busy high street surrounded by traffic, your business will benefit from double glazing. It may not seem like a necessity, but your staff and customers will notice the difference!

The double layered glass, alongside the soundproofing gases suspended in-between, offer impressive noise insulation benefits. Double glazing is designed and fitted to enhance insulation, offering up to a 70% reduction in noise levels.

Energy Efficiency

As energy bills continue to rise, we’re all thinking of ways to save some money. This is especially important when it comes to maximising energy efficiency efforts within your business.

Installing double glazed windows for your business can help keep energy costs down. Double glazing works to regulate the temperatures inside your building. Double glazing is well-suited to the climate we experience here in the UK, providing a natural balance of both cooling and insulating benefits, depending on the season. In winter, double glazed windows will improve insulation – preventing heat loss from the building and even reducing condensation, which can cause mould.

In the summer months – especially at work – many of us can be drawn towards using cooling devices. Whether this is a re-chargeable fan or a plug-in device, our efforts to cool down the workspace uses up energy! Double glazed windows can prevent your building from becoming too warm, helping cut down on those energy costs in the summer too.

Enhanced Safety

Installing double glazed windows in your business will reduce the risk of safety issues.

As mentioned above, double glazing can help reduce the risk of theft from your premises. Multiple layers of glass are obviously harder to break through, so potential intruders may be deterred by the existence of double glazed windows.

Here’s where we’ll mention something that may not have yet crossed your mind. Fires can happen in any business; and they are unfortunately always an underlying risk. Double glazing can help contain fire within a building or room. The double panes of glass, separated by the argon gas installed to maximise insulative properties, act as a barrier to slow the spread of damage to your business in the event of a fire.

Argon gas is an excellent insulator of heat, hence its use within double glazed windows. It is non-flammable and is classed as a ‘non-reactive’ gas. As a noble (or inert) gas, argon does not react in the presence of a flame or heat. These fire-proofing properties of double glazing are a frequently overlooked safety benefit to consider when people ask us about upgrading their businesses – but it has even saved lives in the past!


One of the key issues our clients come to us with are complaints about the appearance of their windows. If you have condensated windows, these can cause ongoing problems such as damp and mould. This doesn’t look good for business, whether you’re looking in from the outside, or working from the inside. With quality double glazing, your windows should remain clear and free from condensation.

Having double glazed windows also provides you with a visible layer of security. Without knowing it, customers are subconsciously evaluating the trustworthiness of your business even as they approach your building.

Double glazing sends a clear message, and many customers will notice the upgrade. Double glazed windows show you have made the effort to make your building comfortable for both employees and customers; that you have taken steps to improve energy efficiency; and that you are up to date with the most effective means of improving your sustainability efforts as a business.

Double Glazing for Business by Cloudy2Clear

If this guide to the benefits of double glazing for business has enticed you to upgrade your own business, we can help. As trusted double glazing specialists working across over 35 areas nationwide, we’re the go-to window experts for businesses across the UK.

At Cloudy2Clear, we’ve been installing double glazing upgrades for businesses for decades. Equipped with our valued team of skilled engineers and an enduring passion for improving the energy efficiency of buildings across the UK, we know we can upgrade your business with quality double glazed windows that last.

Our 25-year guarantee is always there to ensure you get the most out of your double glazing. If any issues do arise after installation, we’re dedicated to providing the best possible service. Give our team a call today on 0800 61 21 119.

Alternatively, you can complete our online form with any queries you may have. Your local Cloudy2Clear team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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